Which method is right for the fever to teach you the correct recipe fever

管理 / 2018-03-30

Which method is right to believe that fever is a fever in our lives very common disease, once the fever when there are many ways to bring down a fever, the fever which method is right with fever and small series to see which method is right for the introduction of it!What fever method is correct then what is to my parents did not take the baby before seeking medical attention can home in advance to deal with it recommended comprehensive expert, as a parent you are, right fever should be: 1, to maintain air circulation in the home If the air-conditioned home, a room maintained at a temperature between 25–27 ℃。
Children can be placed in air-conditioned room or fan revolving the blow, the temperature slowly dropped, so children will feel more comfortable。 But if it is too hard and cold extremities chills, then expressed the need for warm, so additional blanket coverage。 2, if the baby off excess clothing and limbs and body sweating hands and feet warm, indicates the need for cooling, the laundry may want, point。 3, the warm water bath your baby wipe laundry untangling with warm water (37 ℃) upper and lower body rub the towel, so make the baby's body vasodilation shed gas, additional water evaporates from the surface, the absorbent body will heat。 4, with fever fever method which is affixed to the right help dissipate heat, but is not recommended for small children, children is not easy due to the rotation of the body, is easy to cause local ice pillow or cold-induced hypothermia。
You can also use cooling paste, heat can be taken away when cooling paste colloidal substances in the water vaporization, the situation does not appear excessive cooling。 5, drink plenty of water to help sweat, and prevent dehydration。 Water temperature adjustment function, body temperature can drop and add baby body water loss。 6, when the use of the infant antipyretics core temperature (rectal temperature or ear temperature) exceeds ℃, may be appropriate to use anti-fever syrup or suppository。