Bearing in mind the history, mission pen

管理 / 2019-02-16

(The Second Sino-foreign Chinese poetry and prose Invitational Conference and Awards prose poetry forum impressions) July 24, 2015 to 27, winning delegates from all over the country and poetry, prose United States, Germany, Australia, gathered in Beijing to attend the China prose network organized the “second Chinese and foreign poetry and literary prose Invitational Gala Forum”, the event, high-profile, constructive significance.     Awards held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse solemn, poetic prose multi-purpose hall forum held at Peking University, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, deputy director of the CPPCC National Committee, the International Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee Li Beihai, former deputy commander of the Jinan Military Region, Jinan Air Force commander, in the People’s Liberation Army Guo Yuxiang, deputy director of the CPPCC National Committee of Education, Science, Chinese writers Association, former deputy party secretary, president of the China Society of prose king Jucai, China prose Association, honorary president of People’s Daily, the former literary director of quartz, Chinese Music Literature Association vice chairman, political Department of Beijing Military Region, made the original director, a country songwriter Shixiang, former vice president of the Chinese writers Association, Lu Xun Literature Institute, Chinese prose network consultant, well-known literary critic Sunwu Chen, Chinese Poetry Society vice president of China Research Association newspaper supplements, the bindings Board editor Cengfan Hua, executive vice president of China Society of prose, prose famous red child critic, editor in chief of Chinese prose, China prose Association deputy secretary-general, “Xi painting and calligraphy “deputy editor Shao Jianguo and other leaders, experts Awards ceremony.    Multi-purpose hall forum held at Peking University, Peking University Professor Mandaluyong phosphorus, Professor Mao Feng, Associate Professor Shao Jianguo (Chinese prose editor in chief, deputy secretary general of China Society of prose, “Xi Painting and Calligraphy” deputy editor), Beijing Normal University Professor North tower, Professor Mike Liwen central University for Nationalities lectures, and answered questions from the award-winning poet and writer, pointed out the direction for the creation of contemporary prose poetry – positive energy transfer!    I pay more attention to the conference scheduled very constructive two events – 25 pm Museum of Chinese History and the 26th victory of Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall to visit.The basis of these two visits, not simply a tourist, but in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse after each award-winning poet and writer’s mind by the shock of up feelings and subtle Chinese history at Peking University is prose guide the direction of the forum – transfer positive energy, a new starting point for the new height of the country and nation to visit and the creation of a closer look at the sad history of Sino-Japanese War, inspired the patriotic enthusiasm and creative passion.And not a lot of people say it’s “patriotic” so pale.    In the National Museum of History, I really feel: from the Paleolithic, Neolithic period, bronze, porcelain, jade burial suit, and so treasures, from wooden swords and guns, gunpowder into the technological era of space flight, telling pieces of treasures from the slash and burn Paleolithic, through the jungle of slave society, feudal society, capitalist society, until the Chinese people stand up changes over the history of mankind a socialist society happy life, this is a vast five thousand years of Chinese history books, every object it is a page, read one, opened one, sad one, a joy, heartache incompetent humiliation, joy Tang downtown; Fenshukengru heartache, joy wind SONG Yu Tang.Silent objects, silent pages, in my heart for a long time call!Long cry!    On the road into the ancient city of Wanping, I deliberately shelled the Japanese invasion of China took the year outside the walls of the Chinese nation to leave the pain of bullet holes and tears after being crushed shells walls repaired one, he is like a never rehabilitation of disabled elderly in to every visitor of the Japanese invasion of China in those days tell of atrocities.In the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall, and Shenzhen Tang Jinglin teacher I entered the hall from the left to the right, a step attentively watching over Japanese invaders in various non-human cruelty evidence in China.Tang Jinglin teacher anger verbally: “This is the Chinese people can not forgive the crime, we have to use pen spread positive energy in the hands of those people that wake up numb!”I Shou Wu chest, clenching his teeth, the angry blood, naturally thought of those infamous moment of corrupt officials:” State officials should be organized in batches come here to be educated awaken their patriotic conscience.”Out of Wanping city, Fu fingertips mission.Li Bin (think) August 3, 2015 in Hubei Laifeng