Bearing in mind the precious moments

管理 / 2019-02-17

“I have to go gently, as I gently to.”Three years of time slowly passed, first met just yesterday, respectively, that is, in the eyes.Looking back, revisit the campus once the song and laughter filled the hearts can not help feeling melancholy?But such is life, through a post, both mean the end, but the beginning of a new journey.We are like a cheerful river, toward a more positive surging river, importing more vast ocean.Here, let us always remember the past!Life Cantabile, tolerance is the song, according to music and singing, we know the beautiful songs of the; life is like a mountain, tolerance is a path, path-climbing, mountain know the tall.Life is like a sea, tolerance is the heart, boating water days, we know the vast sea.Life is like.Show youthful charm, charisma retain the flowering season, bearing in mind that precious moment, let Auld Lang Syne.    June 2011 Wednesday, 15 May Partly Sunny