Bearing in mind the teachings of Sun Yi generals

管理 / 2019-02-18

Sun Yi, General military life, indifferent Ming, emotional ties to the people, concerned about the next generation, is legendary.After the retired general, he was required to come with a Beijing Jeep, he usually went out little car, his family was not allowed to take his private car, but his neighbors someone in a hurry or sick adults and children, are with his private car, his jeep became public this alley veritable car.Sun Yi generals particularly concerned about the next generation of love, February 1, 1989, the country he loves in the award ceremony of the General Assembly on children, impassioned said: “We Communists have old, but our Party’s cause will never go old, for the children, for the future of the motherland, the party of the overall interests of the individual melt together, we will always feel young, it will never get old life, the flame of life, never die.”Sun Yi generals say so is to do so.According to his secretary said, Sunlao a month out from wages 300 yuan donation “Project Hope” to help former Kangda two campuses (Sunlao former school principal) seat of Hebei Province Lingshou poor children go to school, to It has helped eight children.In his heart, the moment engraved with the motherland and hope for the next generation.In the General Staff he had sung such a song: “sing our Sun adviser, the old hero of the people, for the next generation of the motherland, worked hard filled with love.what!Hard gardener who praise ah, the old people’s heroes.”I am vice president and general Sun Yi Gu full comrades comrades when Kang Da, Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology during my study and work, have the opportunity to listen to the teachings of the two generals, bearing in mind the heart, benefit.  It was mid-1961 difficult economic times, students have enough to eat, physical decline, appeared swollen, many students can not adhere to the school.To boost morale and overcome difficulties, Gu Sun Yi heavily and asked the general to the students and faculty to make a report.That day, the college auditorium packed, teachers and students awaited the arrival of General Sun Yi.Soon, I saw one wearing a cap, wearing a military uniform, sporting a long mustache, lean wise old man took the stage, the audience suddenly burst into thunderous applause.  Sun Yi generals of the Red Army veterans, he told us the Red Army to climb snow-capped mountains, over the grass story.He said: It was behind enemy pursuit, in front of the enemy to intercept enemy aircraft aerial bombing, the heroic Red Army soldiers fearless, courage.The most difficult is that over the grass, not bitter and tired, and hungry.Red Army soldiers no food to eat vegetables, do not eat wild roots, no roots to eat belt (with fire soft eat), when a food is bunny!You are not afraid to say a joke, in front of the soldiers passed, they pull the feces, heavy rain was a punch, there is also not digest the beans, we have a one to pick it up, washed with water to wash eat a roadside.  The general joked, when it comes to the current difficulties, we are very heartfelt way he said: “Students, now what these difficulties we have encountered a lot of money, and the Red Army than simply not called difficult.As long as we are not afraid of difficulties, determined to overcome the difficulties, there is no surmount.Students, the difficulties are temporary, the future is bright.”Sun General remarks from the bottom of my heart, to put everyone warm heart enhances our confidence and courage to overcome difficulties, since then, General Sun tall image engraved in my mind.  In mid-1965, Sun Yi generals come to my hospital for the second report, when he gave me the deepest impression he is knowledgeable, philosophical talk.He was laughing, citing the story, thought-provoking.He said that we see any problems, must be analyzed with a view class, in class society, everyone’s thoughts are all branded class.Then, he gave us two very interesting examples.  General Sun, said: We read the “Water Margin”, where “outsmart birthday program,” written very exciting, It was the summer season, hot weather, sweat, Bai Sheng lug wine, Life on a String: “scorch like fire, scorching half Noda seedlings, such as soup cook farmer at heart, son of princes Bashan shake.”You see the same face hot and dry, scorching seedlings, ‘farmer at heart, such as soup cook’, ‘son of princes Bashan shake’, their different attitudes, sing the song of the oppressed people of uneven, reflecting the ruling class and sharp conflicts between people, reveals the Liangshan heroes “forcing people to rebel,” the social reality.  He said there is a story, in ancient times a day, Chang’an City snowing, freezing cold, eat a meal out to watch a scholar saw snow or snow, a great poet, blurting Yin: “The heavy snow have landed, “he just Nianleyiju, happens to be an official heard, he gratitude infinite royal graciousness, interfaces and sang:” It is the Royal Bling.”At this time, next to a rich man, elated, also followed join in the sentence:” The next three years it is no harm?”Phrase angered Donge ?yú a roadside beggar, he cursed loudly:” put your mother’s shit!”We listened, laughter.  General Sun, said: snow is the same, different people, class position, views it as much a world of difference!  Then, Sun Yi generals advised us to read more books, read good books, increase their abilities in the future to better serve the people.He said, though I was over sixty years old, still insist on reading the newspaper every day, I love to read “Beijing Evening News” Manan Village wrote, “Yanshanyehua,” these essays courage to face reality, pointedly ironic various unhealthy trends, and fusion of ideology , informative, interesting in a furnace, Tangulunjin, informative, cordial language, philosophical, and pregnant with meaning, thought-provoking, broadened my horizons, increase their knowledge, but also improve the ability to recognize right from wrong.  After the Cultural Revolution, I never saw General Sun Yi, but he smiles often come to my mind, he’s eager to teach, bearing in mind the hearts, always inspire me to forge ahead!