Bearish all will be happy life

管理 / 2019-02-19

Often I hear the complaint: I am not worse than others, and why people can get the current status and wealth, I do not get.I feel that their pay and reward is not proportional at all.Yes!Society is so real, though you feel very good, but still could not reach their expectations.Explains what?In fact, you do not have anything to complain about, not afraid to think of everything, afraid of things too hard.    With a brilliant smile to greet each dawn it!You can open your eyes in the morning to earn, to live is happy.What fame and wealth?Students do not already naked.Why deliberate attempts to do?Blindly drill a dead end just asking for trouble.Let it all go with the flow!The saying goes: “life in the foot, hard to find ten feet.Something will occur if it belongs to your life, if not, do not push it.”Whenever frustrated when I use these words to persuade himself.Also not to mention feeling like to open more.    Not their vulgarity, think of it, if blindly complain how can it go on?We can not solve the substantive issues.Is not it?I had to have such a man, because of his take things too hard and ruin their lives.This guy, participate in over 20 years, can be said to work conscientiously, dutifully.But professional titles not have their own copies, grew more and more stuck, results sudden stroke left the personnel.does it worth?In fact, “earn less afraid, afraid of death early on.”.If the man was able to think: “earn less per month, although not on the assessment title three hundred point that I wanted to open, the physical exercise Bang Bang, live several more years, that money back.”.Unfortunately, he still could not figured it was!    I always think whether at work or home, as long as their dedication on the line.Do not expect anything too high, the higher the expectations the greater the disappointment.A sense of balance to face anything.Buddha’s words that good: “knowing each other because of past life, this life is the recipient, For funeral fruit, this life is done by.”Multi classic word ah!    Friends, failing that it would like to open!When someone wearing a mink jacket we wear, when people eat bird’s nest shark fin, we eat bread and water, when people go out driving a private car, we rode bikes, or use the amount of time step, we do not have to envy others, in fact we which is more environmentally friendly, but also more conducive to good health.If you can only make their rivalries added unnecessary trouble.Never be happy.Not only solve the problem, but also destroyed his good mood is not it?Contentment can Changle.    So personally think look at everything, you will be happy life.