Beast wife

管理 / 2019-02-20

Ding Shi real division is still in the infant, there was a warlock predicted that in the future he will marry the beast wife.Ding angry when their father almost did not play this telling people to go out with a big stick Ding fame, wealth and how to make their own only son married a woman beast?To this end, Ding Shi really less than three years old, it has now set up a marriage, female family is also the city of the clans, the two made an appointment, and so Ding Shi real seventeen hours of marriage.  Who knows really from Ding Shi seventeenth birthday worse month after midnight, but suddenly his fiancee had died sudden illness.This is what Ding old couple could not help think of that ominous prophecy Seventeen years ago Could it really be the next son married to Mao clan This is terrible!Busy schedule the move to a matchmaker matchmaker for his son.But to say perverse, every proposed marriage, the woman’s character and not the bad, the marriage is finally given the woman died on the acute disease.The city gradually began to play a rumor, said Ding Shi true character is too hard g seven-wife, scared no one dared to go to Ding daughter married.  For this purpose two old Ding worry worry night and day, Ding Shi really do not know that a fortune teller predicted that it touches do not think that Italy, see mom and dad to see their day in the moan and groan, simply by the name of study tours, mountain trips with a child playing outside water went to relax.Along the way, splashing mountain tours, leisure poetry Yin Yin Temptress Moon was pleasant and agreeable.  On this day in Chujiang boat down, the two sides view the picture as brilliant as ink unspeakable, Ding Shi really amazed, suddenly there are dozens of monkeys climbing along cliff jump to bow down.Boatman on board loud was feeding the expulsion, but have no fear that the mountains of the public who went to the cabin to find overturned, then one capsule bear negative trunk board cliff away, much to actually ship ransacked the meaning of.World is helpless, see also carrying four old Ape Shanteng a small car ran woven cabin, to drag the cross, the Dingshi downwards into real life and life of the car, loaded onto cliffs.  Ding Shi really just listen to the sound of the call of the ship in the world at the moment the car away, the body side of the cliff as razor cut too scared not daring to move.I do not know how long, only the chair in front of a stopped Dong Fu, tugging back and forth to put those apes dragged his cave.  I saw a man being Yung Yan Qingqi of meditating on a stone bench cave.See Ding Shi really come to his warm words: my fair niece Do not be afraid, you son but Ding Qingyun?Ding Shi real nod.The old man said: the old lady surnamed Yuan, with an old friend of your father the previous years but, eight years ago superfluous in this land.Since my daughter has been in and the hairpin, but here you can not even match the good, thanks to this son of the enemy, so please only then you up, do not expect you to have rejected her.Said pointed to the side of humanity, this is your mother.  Ding Shi really a closer look and see her dressed in silks although bigger way Luoqun, but concave lip eye, is clearly a female ape, could not help moaning and groaning, I thought: this is the mother that her daughter’s appearance can be imagined cicada.But look around the crowd roaring apes jumping, ferocious expression, if allowed to, I’m afraid these beasts will soon own bad luck, so timidly standing there, nothing to say.  Man bow does not really see Ding Shi, a wave, apes are holding Ding Shi really go straight to the depths of the cave away.Boudoir went, I saw a woman sitting on the stone bed head bowed, his head covered with a red scarf, looking pretty slender physique symmetry.Ding Shi really boldly opened Hongjin and saw under the red scarf is full of dense hairballs, simply do not know where to find human face.He thought: Do not vapid life, and such a monster can not get married.See that Yuan Shining eyes looked at himself, ignoring her own body in danger, immediately grudge said: waiting for you hair falling light, we do a couple competence.Then, lie down fully clothed clothes.  The next day wake up, go down the drain now around Yuan.Ding Shi real talent withdraw ponder how to go back, I heard a group of apes clamor outside the cave called Xiao.Ding Shi really quietly went outside the cave look, I do not know how the original is Yuan Shen Jian jump to go, and was salvaged division is now dying.Look at her and apes are gestures gesture is humble about it so ugly anger mean suicide.Ding Shi really sad to see her tears up her unfortunate attitude down, I thought: She was born to a father ape mother, so ugly attitude, that is not her real fault.Help went over grabbed her hair hands, gently shake a shake.  Yuan’s original heart to die, and now see Ding Shi true to her a good show, the eyes reveal a look of surprise, really against Ding Shi smiled, lips lift at the exposed teeth like pearls Jie Bai Jingliang dolphin.Ding Shicheng heart of a dynamic, that she does not like how ugly.  Yuan carried back to the cave, Ding Shi was really thick cover for her, want to own a large living, there could not be married and mammals, but in any case, we can not look at her this die, afraid that she take things too hard to go commit suicide, will accompany waited at.  This is to accompany all night to dawn hours of Ding Shi really support him nap together.Suddenly Yuan upset quietly in bed, Ding Shi really busy the last visit, I saw a full bed full of pillows are piled silky fine hair, look pillow, a pale jade hibiscus noodles, exquisite goodly.A time to see Ding Shi really transfixed, I do not know a dream is true.For a long time, just listen to the Yuan low inaudible voice said: Now, I can be worthy of your son about the.  Ding Shi really think she could even speak, is beaming, a cross-examination, the original Yuan since childhood to follow his father to learn, not just talking, and familiar with poetry.After that day was really reprimanded Ding Shi, sometimes angry, cast Stream suicide.Late last night to speak, whole body itching, scratching down a few times, even the hair should go ahead and drop.  Ding Shi really busy with her to see Yuan Gong, Yuan Gong seems to already know before, there is no surprise gesture, smiling: already now have with the couple, you should not stay here, come quickly to go home.And to exhort Yuan said: You go pleasure of seeing her in-laws, do not come back in the future.Having ordered those two apes who take the small car with them carried back on board.  Ding Shi positive people on board is really being taken captive apes to recite, official newspaper of the recommendations, has been suggested to find a local mountain to find Orion, now see Ding Shi really come back, carry also with a beautiful girl, hurried up surrounded him inquiries have.Ding Shi really matter too much because the perverse, afraid to say out of the Yuan unlucky, so ostensibly mountains Orion had saved himself, as gratitude for his kindness, so Orion’s daughter married.Then he hired another boat and went home.  At home, put through a intrinsic to mom and dad, two old Ding you look at me, I look at you, speechless.Ding Shi really see Mom and Dad looking morose, but also that they can not afford Yuan.Who would have thought a cross-examination, he did not know the original raw own beast down there to marry his wife’s life push.Yuan seems that they really are made in heaven and the marriage of.  Ding original two old son was recognized only fail to beat down the door this pro, but as time goes by, see Yuan not only looks beautiful and is no different from people, even take temperament supple, very likable, will gradually in love with the daughter.  Later, Yuan worried about Mom and Dad, several times seeking Ding Shi really send someone to visit, but finally climbed the cliff cliff, but I saw a cloud sealed cave without trace.  Perhaps Yuan Weng original attained immortality is an expert, but the little girl for marriage only occasionally noticeable trace of it in this world!