Beat a retreat, did not put out the flames

管理 / 2019-02-21

In a few more than one hour, tangled in the test, we should beat a retreat, became test in previous years, as grad.Nevertheless, in the examination of phone-in, and will not immediately subside, but also students and many parents in the Lord of the heart, around Bentu, toss down the annual exam, called the heart of many people, this time really became fifteen bucket fetching water – at sixes and sevens.    The annual college entrance exam, when there are a lot of people criticized the current examination system, even questioned the country’s education system, can only say that such a mood, to understand, reflect a number of parents expectations Wang Cheng-feng heart expectations.But the state is so big, and the development is very uneven, difficult to have a better method can be exhaustive introduction, in the absence of a better way to replace the existing examination system, such a unified proposition, centralized exam, can guarantee choice of personnel fairness, at least, to ensure maximum fairness.    As a parent, who does not expect their children can successfully entering high school, continue their education.Although nowadays a lot of vocational secondary school, opened a lot of practical technical courses for the re-employment of many children, offers a lot of opportunities, but in terms of knowledge of the structure and future direction, and again three years after facing the choice , still has a very different.Having said that, not only emphasized the college for moving systematically college education, can only be counted on the talent, after all, there is the reality of a starting point and platform support.    All the rhetoric, are built to learn, strive to make progress on the basis of.If you thought into the university gate, you can sit back and relax, not to learn specialized courses, do not pay attention to all aspects of the accumulation of knowledge, such as a university graduate, will face the same brutal elimination, such examples, really is not one of the two.So, no matter what kind of school, or have a key driving force behind.If you have enough power, pre-higher goals, step by step to achieve their expectations, I believe, different starting points, different support platform, will certainly have a different result, boys and girls of the road of life, it will have a different wonderful.    This is also nowadays many parents of junior high school teacher with a lot of private time to explore said, the test has become more important than the college entrance examination.After this time the split, there will be many children can not enter high school, naturally missed the college entrance examination after three years.Not to say that after a shunt to read college, vocational school children there is no future, they can not become talent, but look at the current personnel structure, the child can stand out, it is not so easy to pay more effort than others, Moreover, the number of comparison, not a lot.It was such a reality, prompting many parents are by all means, let the children entering high school, and then three years of study, in the selection of facing a higher level.    Therefore in the annual examination, tangled feelings of many people, often family has candidates, mobilize the whole family, to all the candidates, all candidates for the service.Of course, there is, there is not enough reason parents cool enough to worry so much about a child of this examination, the invisible, contributed to the examination of the waves.Saying back, faced with the choice of life, a child is still small, as parents can not worry about?Do not worry about this time, when we have to wait?Everyone knows that this is a threshold, is invisible phone-life battle, the first time the face of a child’s life so cruel choice, not nervous this time, no concern, there are few things more important than this!    The past few days, I have joined the ranks of the huge army paternity test, paternity test said, is actually a relief, almost with placebo in medicine, but child care, what to say.Daughter early in the exam ten days, and asked the small, Dad has not done paternity test preparation.Boss in the exam, college entrance examination in Anhui home, exam, I pinch a good time, back home, accompany, so in her heart, leaving indelible impression that this girl, I loved to go home paternity test day so and so small in the exam season, she has such a question.Although she did not know the small, but inside her heart that point strategy, how can we hide from my eyes, in that case, what is there to hesitate.    Paternity test is not most people imagine so easy to describe in one word, apprehension.Followed by feelings of emotional child go after every test match, we must look at their faces change.If there is to play a bad situation, it can not bear a grudge, to persuade children not to ignore in, concentrate on preparing for the next game, even pretending to be easy to say words of encouragement, children’s emotional stability, can no longer be a critical time, there are large fluctuations in mood, or the back of the exam, it really was terrible.    He said no tangle, unspeakable suffering, only know best.While another, appetizing, deeply moved by the heartstrings of the test, we should beat a retreat, but it does not say that the end of the exam, everything will be fine, waiting for the next day, boil people more and more difficult to calm the mood as people.    Can only say beat a retreat, not scattered populations, this anxious, became visible from the invisible, but the results did not come out before, is not it will stimulate, people sit at ease.Well, is there any way?What better way can?