“Beat and run” is the easiest shortcut to success

管理 / 2019-02-22

An entrepreneur friend once asked what his secret of success.  He told me without hesitation, the first is to uphold, adhere to the second, third or stick.I laughed within herself.I did not expect friends and unworthy sequel sentence, the fourth is to give up.  give up?As a successful entrepreneur how you can give up?The time when we should give up giving up, friends said, if you really try and try again, and do not succeed, then it is not because you work hard enough, I’m afraid your efforts and direction to match things up.At this time the most sensible option is to quickly give up, to adjust, timely turn around, looking for a new direction, do not hang in a tree.  It is said that Emperor Qianlong had at the time of the successful candidates have to give the child a smoke locks the pond willow on a joint request for the second line.Candidates thought about it a direct answer saying do not go up, the other Candidates who are also in the brood, Qianlong directly replied to the point that the child does not move on to champion.Because the five words on the Five Elements five acts linked to the radical, almost can be said to be absolute, first I say give candidates certainly quick thinking, soon saw the difficulty of them, and give up the courage to say, and that he has self-knowledge, I do not want to waste time on the almost impossible.Fairy king Zheng Yuanjie once said: Everyone has their best talent area, unless he is an idiot, bring their own strengths and weaknesses of the competition of others, play-off hit, hit and run, but.  Seemingly cowardly phrase saying rightly.  First fight, fought only know their own weaknesses and strengths, to know whether they are other people’s opponent, after trying a strategic retreat in case of no-win testimony, not to make unnecessary sacrifices, that wise man.  Beat and run, is the easiest shortcut to success.