Beat hanging iron ball

管理 / 2019-02-23

The country’s leading marketing master, soon to leave his marketing career, the invitation of industry professionals and the community, he will be the largest stadium in the city to do farewell speech of his career.  That day, the venue was fully packed, people eagerly, anxiously waiting.When the curtain slowly opened, the center of the stage hung a huge iron ball.To this iron ball stage erected tall formwork.  An old man came out in people’s warm applause, standing on the side of the metal framework.  People looked at him in surprise, he did not know what move to make.  Then two staff members carrying a big hammer, in front of the old man.  Moderator Then the audience say: ask the two physically strong person to come on stage.Suddenly two actions have been quick to go on stage.  The old man said to them, ask them to use the big hammer to beat the hanging iron ball, until it finishes up.  A young man rushing to pick up a hammer, she heard the deafening sound, lob was motionless.He has been assailed with a large hammer to pound lob, and soon out of breath.Another person did not back down, took a big hammer to hit the lob chink, but the ball is still motionless iron.  The audience gradually did the voices, the audience finds it is useless.  At this time, the old man smiled, he took out a small hammer, and then seriously faced with the huge iron ball boom struck it, and looking at the people, the old man did knock, pause, and thus continue to do.  10 minutes later, 20 minutes later, the venue already beginning to stir, some people just shouting together people with a variety of voice and action to vent their discontent.  The old man still kept working with a hammer, did not care what people’s reaction.  The audience began to leave in anger, the meeting room, there was big chunks of vacancies.People left behind seems to have tired of the venue gradually quiet down.  Probably be 40 minutes old when, sitting in front of a women suddenly screamed: move the ball!Suddenly silence venue, people attentively watching the iron ball.The ball with very small degree swing up.  The old man is still a small hammer small hammer knocked a lob swing higher in the elderly beat of a hammer a hammer, and it pulls the iron rack that bang, bang sound, its tremendous power that stirred the presence of each A person.  Finally the field waves of warm applause broke out.  In applause, the old man turned around, slowly that the Hammers ends up in his pocket.  He only said one sentence: on the road to success, you do not have the patience to wait for the arrival of success, then you have to use a lifetime of patience to face defeat.