Beat spectrum (bis)

管理 / 2019-02-24

21, Hunter’s eyes – Ripples caused PASSING hunter you have a pair of eyes, and one pair of hands in the forest without a shotgun in the Dabie Mountains, bloody rescue lost songs on the bed of Pi River, nursery rhymes whenever those familiar melody echoed I wanted to up the cup with you, drink you do not indulge in singing drunk to leave and not scattered after drunk woke up, as you traveled the rivers and mountains of the Dabie Mountains 22 together, laughter Moon Bay – to Sky I distinguish from the Moon laughter out of your genius to imagine how colorful “when a Qingming rain, metaphorically woke Moon Bay.”” Snow, styled secular choose the way in bringing dawn Moon Bay, basking in the quiet Moon Bay.”You say hundred poems of Li Bai Doujiu it not, perhaps, you have a lot of frustration right, for example, forced to livelihoods; for example, too busy just want to hear laughter again brilliant Moon Bay 23, extend smoke ring – refers to cold-induced farewell ACADEMY sea, blue tent warm and humid string and wind, cold and dry dances from the expansion of the smoke ring came up to me is not the parting tears wet your fingers and musical farewell wandering in the north grasslands lit a bonfire playing high a child 24 months, the monthly Jiangnan water – caused by the shadow of charge if you wipe the dust on one side of the mirror in the search for a new threshold in the shadow of the old home village of touch fish in the clear waters of small streams in, catch loach stroked Tingtingyuli clear charge told her a private message. Time is the time to let you have the same eyes calmly moon hung over the top of plants and trees south of Yangtze River Past and Present breathing top 25, with stars embroidered maple leaf – covered with dense foliage at night caused by child star stars embroidered in Beijing flyover grass grilled mushroom man lonely autumn night in the moonlight covered with pictures of living beings rejected Flanagan dream I was surprised needle embroidery thread is made with red maple leaves and blue spinning fairy tale made 26 , passionate should laugh – caused outrage in Greece white bell sounded Huan fun in the evening breeze, lean on a railing looking slim bitter parting thought to see the moon jade tree lover read Water 27, Xintianyou – To Jiang Hua Jun whenever I hear the clear, resolute yet depressed, frustrated Xintianyou I think of your poem, every time I read your poem I think of the Loess Plateau, Qinling Mountains Ansai waist drum sound of blowing, go west through my headset to your every soil are permeated with rugged, bold your blood every grain of Chinese character, is a cup of strong Xifeng with blue sky, Dongshan Millet, West valley brewing of lamb with lamb, cow mother, sister, love Colombian brewing when I read read grandfather and grandmother, folks, Uncle dumb young birds, laughter land lost seasons, rain, harvest crops and blur my eyes. 28, you have a pair of wings to the soul – To read eyebrow picturesque butterfly you will read, I read poetry reading you will read of drunk fog, to read well in the moon you will read one pair of heavy wings, a pair of soul wings when you’re on the beginning of the Dabie Mountains, you are a hazy picture when you spread my wings, I see your eyebrows moonlight, there are sun there is sadness, but also joy 29, secluded valleys rhyme – To Orchid I got a cup with faint Song Yun Tang Law brewed nectar share of suffering bruising in July of flame suddenly been thrown to the winds Canna distraction umbrella cool raindrops fell down Zhang corn shell out a neat row little eye teeth recitation of the city the night sky is passed ravine faint echo 30 wind, a Menghan autumn ticking sound – caused wine Lin Feng I always want to drink your cold with snow and lush June brew even want to even after your name and drink together down dead drunk riding, riding on the breeze picked up a broom to sweep low pain, irritability, holding a tall moon to bring back lost Huaihua, peach, rose sober autumn is already a Menghan 31, Le River singer – To Jiuquan An Wenhai moonlight camel from a desire westbound over the Pass came a singer, rich voice singing a cemented ground frost, snow as well as migratory birds are singing scattered feathers it was a fit of coughing interrupted by the sound of shouting Shule increasingly dominating the low Hexi Corridor yumenguan really did anything about spring poplar message sounded dust and the vicissitudes of the Mogao Grottoes still standing 32, the Department of homeland in the heart of a poet – to Evergreen Jesus Christ took our own land we own no choice but to change the color of their homeland Fortunately, we are poets we can go back to mind a pure land planted wheat, sunflower poetry dyed green sky when we grow old, to give future generations can leave a subsistence plots left Avenue River water abundance of countless reasons to leave the live well at 33, will write poetry butterfly – To listen to the rain off the clouds countless young mind, ya beautiful little butterfly every dead of night, you begin to make-up and then carefully open my heart to put them out, chasing each other in which A lost, flew from the Book of Songs, the volume of poetry in the verse on a multi wrote poems butterfly butterfly, young and beautiful butterflies also became a colorful poetry (34_36 is ancient poetry) 37, close you, listen to your heart the world – to stalwart close to you, you approach a bird flying near you, near a tree tranquil oak close to you, it is close to the one I heard the fiery seed, you but red coat flapping in the body heavy and lonely, rich sound of the wind rushing scenery but please allow me near the way because of my heart, you have a flood of rocks and porcelain hear now my heart is not there a distant 38 resonance, not a family owning family – caused by car Yongchang If a person put on earth are beautiful and kind-hearted as their loved ones that swagger in the open or hiding in the shadows of evil will not be ashamed that we still do not talk about those unpleasant ugly it because it’s not worth mentioning to you the good and kind to call his brother in the face of kindness, sister, or brother, sister, you must be the world’s richest, Happy people and love to transparent types of people in the heart of the bear butterfly, snowflake, teardrop holding offered by the people will become a colorful painting, a touching song, a beautiful poem 39, mountains jungle out black Cyatheaceae – induced health in sub-kingdom of poetry where I had a famous saying, that “the younger the more powerful. “When a person compares himself podophylla his sky, certainly broader than broad city in his footsteps stained honest earthy, simple desire when made out from mountain forests to the Gymnosphaera city machine pressure on him when he’s behind, stood in a sweat-soaked a sledgehammer both soulful eyes, the cries of a desired Ding Ling called an arrow A. podophylla emitted 40 from the famous restore my network, opened out of the train Philosophy – to YIHUA information you are riding the train came to the Dabie Mountains I heard a young sister poem called you think you are a younger train, or a train driving your train never lonely poet from meadow entered the forest, entered the spring and summer and winter from rivers and lakes open to the desert, from childhood, from youth entered empty entered full, green from blue train has been entered in the open cabin with a steadily lengthening your verse, and open out from the train that philosophy must be getting longer and longer, more and more heavy 41, lived in purple in the south – – all caused by the ink in this beautiful child clear moonlit night of poetry from my window gently swim across the leaving a wisp of the Zhijian Simple, elegant, long and scent of ink in the moonlight was mending Xiudi clouds, mountains and rivers Butterfly and floral shepherding, harvesting the stars fall to the ground face ah!   It is purple in seclusion in the south was a woman lying on the night of a poem heartbeat (Note: This section makes direct references to the poem’s verses where the ink.) 42, JAC grass (from the title) – wrote last, really feel powerless.Take “China discipline inspection and supervision Daily”, “Ya sword Poetry”, “asked Literature” and other newspapers published the election, and the song instead of the recommended number of sites, can be considered to give yourself an account of it.    JAC grass is shed when passing gloom plateau, the Indus rain JAC grass is left after the trail of wild fire, the Everlasting Regret JAC grass south of the hair giving her upper body lower body wearing leggings northwest of JAC grass is my , do not travel extensively in the mind of a rose