Could not revive Day

管理 / 2019-03-15

RAMMSTEIN’s concert last night to see until about half past one, late at night, a comrade suddenly sat up in bed at right, turned away his mechanical eye looks at me, suddenly very heart of fear, I would like to replace you will have the same reaction, he told me it’s raining outside, I thought he was sleepwalking, it did not bother him.When urged by a burst of urgency, I hurried out of the room before we know is really rain, and now I still did not understand this in a sleeping state roommates will know how raining.    While asleep last night I was the last one, but in the morning I was the first to get up at half past six, wash finished, out of the doors of the parlor found turned out to be a sunny day, put the duvet in the laundry shed, and then turn on the computer to see NetEase and Phoenix news, or so much crap do not fly the thing happen overnight, it really is a moment full of variables in the world.    In the morning without eating, his comrades brought me a few pieces of cake, I ate a corner, his comrades said there was a squad leader did not eat, so the cake showed another comrade.    Morning spent in RAMMSTEIN concert, although watched over and over again, but without the slightest tired, excited that compact rhythm, dull heavy bass, let me great joy.Tencent open space, to see a friend of talk about which said very depressed and asked, he did not tell me anything.The more people fear the unknown, I took the initiative say that they have missing body wine, and at noon I used to find you a drink, a friend promised.    That he wanted to take a woman he loved abandoned him on the table, he said, had enough stress, they blow up, break up.Comfort for a long time, he’d just looks, smile big mouth meat and drink.I lay in bed after drinking with friends listening to music RAMMSTEIN sleep, woke up four points, standing at the window looking out of the sky, the sun has long been off the clouds, haze sky like a Jour.I went back to bed for a while and then get back to his hut.    Back to the hut mother gave me a phone call, or did that, she told me not mess with things, I said I was not a trouble child, and later learned about the situation at home, received a few days in respect of wheat.    Back to the hut kind of like the urge to play the piano, I have three weeks of not playing, because my next door to a group of “leadership” not white not the night writing a book, said to be writing a book, in fact, is the excerpt and then integrated from a variety of literature on the last Department have their own name.I picked up the electric piano lightly sweeping, of course, not plugged in, the sound of small and small.Youku see a good song, “Forever After”, there is little difficulty, but sad and beautiful melody, I find it every note on the piano, a whole song would Grilled down, playing very readily.    Day without to the cafeteria at night to drink a bowl of porridge, suddenly out of the window from wind, dust flying, so this has been more gloomy gray skies, at the moment, I thought of my quilt sun, wind and dust went against the laundry shed , the quilt recover quarters, mouth and ears are dust.    Friends tell me that he was there delicious fruits, will be followed, he brought out iced cherries from the refrigerator, I get that a word – cool.Negotiations for a long time, learned from him a lot of experience, I can only admire him, but I can not make him, I am still me.