Could this edge? (Dedicated to all<散文在线>Users)

管理 / 2019-03-18

This poem is read Sun thick lift, Sun teacher in the comments of my article inspired.In fact, not be regarded as poetry, but simply his own mind say it.    I quietly hiding behind the network I wonder if you do not know your age looks more emotions, but I wonder if you kind of warm feeling you quietly read my poetry no complaints listening my mind I do not know the so-called you talk to your nagging self-word but not in words touched my heart and across the ends of the earth with you, although you never met, though not sympathetic hearts to see the same hero is obsessed with the same dedication you have text cling to share your reason I have my sensibility but we are rich or poor, regardless of age, regardless of gender or friends through literature to poetry and prose exchanges between the lines reveal the general nature you top me I praise you encourage each other to care for a loved not the true meaning of love I do not doubt the cool autumn leaves swirling in the beautiful but do not know I can feel the seasons change its music in your article can be fun<散文在线>And you meet online friends in this land I wonder if that is the edge?