Nanfang Daily: Talent "hat" Do not casual "wear"

管理 / 2018-04-10

Original title: Talent "hat" Do not casual "wear" "policy direction is to reward talent, but now the 'hat' too much!"CPPCC National Committee member SOCIETY FOR a few days ago in an interview, said, 'cap' excessive and indiscriminate, a great impact on researchers, but also brought a lot of negative issues, should overlap 'hat' merger, or restrictions," this report can not be applied for another of the "。 "Hat" refers to a wide range of talent introduction and training program。 According to incomplete statistics, national ministries, nearly 20 units of Talents Scheme。
Admittedly, in certain historical periods the introduction of much-needed talent, these programs played an active role so far is still the most important part of this strategy of。 But it should be noted, in the "snatch talent war", many provinces and cities, universities also have the sense of participation in, such as the establishment of local mountains and rivers named after a series of "×× scholar" and other sorts of talent programs, so as to form a talent "hat" flying phenomenon, to some extent, but there is the direction of personnel training guide biased, mind messing up suspects。
"Hat" too much too messy, negative effects are becoming increasingly prominent。 For example, disrupt the normal academic ecology, exacerbated the impetuous academia。 Everyone wants to "hat", the result is busy writing material, preparation of the defense, applied for this, but also to apply for the number of named and even alienation as "reading papers," "fight Relations", leading some people just pick easy as paper, the number of heavy and light quality, or busy running relationship, looking for opportunities, deviate from the correct direction of scientific research。
There is a lot of talent planning policies from different departments, positioning overlap, resulting in personnel training but not to the election, the election situation without fine。 In the research team, although wearing a kind of "hat" a lot, but eventually a few people are against the head, a high degree of overlap, resources and opportunity to focus on tilt, and quite a lot of potential talent is relatively isolated。
Especially now that newly graduated Ph.D., post-doctoral universities in order to work, if you do not get a few "hat", the normal scientific work are difficult to carry out。 And thought such an environment is not conducive to the growth of talent and enhance academic standards。
This really, is not able to talent "hat" to make plans to return to breeding talent talent casual "wear", but to fully take care of the needs of the country for talent, but also combing through the integration of existing talent program, we are committed to building a fair, just and open, unified national talent support program。 First of all, we should together distributed resources, efficient use by a sector-led implementation, building national talent support platform; Secondly, the "Heroes do not ask the source" and must develop a good grasp of Talents Scheme "ruler" for returned overseas, domestic and foreign training young talents alike, insist on meritocracy; third, on the selection criteria, innovation capabilities and potential as the core, depending on the nature of scientific research, the development of scientific classification and evaluation indicators, reducing human factors, improving the quality assessment , the implementation of follow-up evaluation and elimination system, with a five-year evaluation period, to be "Uncap" non-compliance, ongoing support through assessments; but also increase the intensity of the sun operation, subject to public supervision。
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "In the final analysis is the talent competition in comprehensive national strength competition。 Economic and social development of human resources as the first resource characteristics and the role of the more obvious competition for talent competition in comprehensive national strength has become the core。 Who can develop and attract more talented people, who can dominate the competition。
"Jinxian wide open road, inviting world of excellence, is to emphasize to the full development and utilization of domestic and international human resources, and actively introduce and make good use of overseas talent, talent engineering is one of them starting point。 And only continue to improve talent development mechanism, so that "hat" to play a proper role in guiding, in order for engineering talent truly gather funds together talent, the combination of the national development strategy research strength, innovative country's drive to build a solid "intelligence" base。
(Editor: High Qianqian (intern), Ms Wong)。