Countdown to success

管理 / 2019-03-21

Compared with whales, seals and other marine mammals huge body, the sea otter is considered a little man.Sea otters belong to the Mustelidae animal, adult sea otters length 1.5 meters, weighing about 40 kg.They live in the waters around the Aleutian Islands, intelligent in some ways than the apes.For example, in sea urchins prey, they picked up a stone from the bottom, himself lying in the water, the stones on the belly, then grab with both front paws sea urchin forced to go on stoning, until the sea urchin hard shell smashed, so that we can enjoy delicious sea urchin meat.  In fact, scientists were not only breathtaking but also sea otters will use rocks to break open when chopping smart urchin shells, but they are an accurate grasp of successful predation time.At this point, whether it is a lion on the prairie, or our supreme human beings, can not be done.Sea otters dive time with only four minutes, that is to say, in four minutes, it must dive to 50 meters below the sea to go hunting, if more than four minutes, it will drown in the water.So, it is time for the sea otter life, every time hunting, are calculated with the countdown, and must spend the entire life.They can only be captured within the stipulated time to the food, otherwise, either drown or starve.  Most sea otters food is grown seabed shellfish, abalone, sea urchins, crabs, etc..Because of their limited hunting sea otters well aware of the time, so after each dive into the water, it will be targeted to find their prey, did not dare to delay for a second time.It’s also extremely fast speed, caught the prey, you must be out of the water before you run out of oxygen in the lungs.They long with small head, small ears, rounded body.They do not have as hard a shark’s teeth, but also not as sharp tuna guns, they do not have any strong over the sea of other animal organs or weapons, it is not suitable for life in the water, but thousands of years, they are relying on that 4 minutes hunting time in the sea to survive.  In fact, life is not a short time, compared with sea otters, our time is far more than one thousand ten thousand four minutes?The reason is also unsuccessful because of the time too abundant, so that people with mental slack.If given a deadline to succeed, will it be another case of it?  If you set a deadline for success, there is no time to complain, there is no chance hesitant, but will define their goals in a limited period of time immediately, then go all out.If you go at the crossroads of life, you may wish to set a deadline own success!