“Counter-attack” not our amazing success, but up gesture

管理 / 2019-03-23

Our success is not a stunning counter-attack, but up gesture Wen / Li Xiaoyi friends know that I love Julia.  She is the world’s richest Chinese talented woman, a pen to create hundreds of millions of assets to succeed in business, talented, married into a wealthy woman all dream, she realized almost all.  She opened the company, founded in 1977, Bili Filipino company, the introduction of Filipino maids in Hong Kong families, society has become very important in the history of Hong Kong, a major undertaking, for three years to earn a net 90 million; 2004 mid-handedly founded by her QJY media services Ltd listed, she announced last novel resell part of their shares from the business in 2006, 2173 cash.HK $ 750,000.  She wrote novels, publishing more than 100 years, only in 1989 the creation of the first year, they were in April, June, September, November and published the “self-evident”, “Grass ruthless,” ” situation change “,” Haomenjingmeng “four novels, written before creating in effect a total of more than 10 million words.  She chose to marry the love of her husband Dr Philip Hong Kong business leaders, came from a prominent excellent reputation, not only as chairman of Hong Kong Permanent Paper Co., Hop Hing Group Vice Chairman, Goldlion Group and Director of Asia Financial Group, is also National People’s Congress, the Hong Kong Legislative Council, vice chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce, investment all over the world.  Julia’s first novel called “self-evident”, published when she was 39 years old, when her first marriage ended, a divorced woman in her late thirties, because the office is tired of the war and the different factions What is left, he would be waiting for her?Eye-popping, a year later, she not only successfully joined the Permanent Paper to become a director, and re-start a period of profound feelings of love and marriage.  A friend asked me if Julia no later successful counter-attack, not married into a wealthy, middle-aged woman is a mediocre, you will admire her it?  I also said very seriously, even if she is an ordinary woman, I know she will still experience psyche only admire the courage of her 39-year-old resigned challenges of the new field, and his life refused to cooperate with people they do not like, you have to make I Guamu.  Even I am convinced, never any so-called counter-attack, and suddenly those turning point, nothing at all leaning against the back of persistent.  Counter-attack is now a word is the fire, which was described with the woman and her daughter have to pay off gambling debts compounded Ada, are being dumped slag male warm male love Katherine Hung, married nearly 10 years younger than their small meat Alyssa Chia, Annie, as well as Poland that turned supermodel cleaning woman.  Men have to send gas to sell fans and eventually became a singer Jonathan Lee’s brother, was his wife raised six years to get the Oscar-winning Ang Lee, upgraded Awards winner from the choreographer’s Zhang Jin, because playing “spend one thousand bone” and M II Katherine Hung’s husband Zhang Danfeng red.  Indeed, counter-attack is a particularly easy way out of the scenes, that is able to meet very proud of the visual sense of the audience, the kind of good and evil have reported to do so, just like the homecoming of Cinderella finally flash blind eye stepmother, Snow White eventually married Prince gas broken vicious Queen of hearts, these stories are so good that people feel that life is beautiful, dark briefly, turned upside down.  Yet, those who through the dark, often not by one day the light will come naive, but perhaps never done better to pull off, so they are able to maintain stamina, energy and stamina and bleak life long coexistence.  After the first failed marriage more than a year’s time, Julia fall in full-time sad, almost 24 hours a day in divorce depression, morning twilight handover, between sleeping and waking, irreparable know have to face reality heart burning.  A traditional family background of the woman, and his marriage did not regard the first to grow old as a regret in life, is rare, even so, she and her ex-husband what Wenhui no strangers, he let her insight into your weaknesses and mistakes, they the gratitude of the old partner into the family, Julia fiction title on the cover, mostly by whom Wenhui inscription, she works adaptation of the TV series, a lot of the theme song lyrics by whom Wenhui.  Julia’s parents even wrote in his will: no matter what the future Wenhui is not our son, he is one of our heirs.  Years later, Julia talked about this antecedent, say six words: the situation is far, still grace.  Understand and reflect on Thanksgiving woman, do not too bad.  And she and Dr Philip marriage, but it is accelerated by a disaster.  Julia suffered solitary home invasion by two masked kidnappers, the deal was finally released nearly eight hours, after which the kidnappers called blackmail, she continued to stall for time, allowing police to track the location and arrested him hiding.  She did not shed a tear throughout.  On the contrary, from a business trip to the United States after hearing the news of Dr Philip, but off the tears: men love a woman, you should be able to protect her.I did not do, so I do not deserve love you.When the kidnappers is a public trial, Dr Philip determined not to allow Julia to go to court, do not want to remember her looks bad guys become life-long shadow, he said: I have to stare at them, look at their appearance, guarantee that you will not let them close.  He says it will do, put down the work at hand each time trial sat staring at the front of the kidnappers for two weeks, until the end of trial.  She later said: emotional need to go through can show character and care for each other deeply memorable event conceived, it is worth Shengsixiangxu.  The ordeal, the two men deepened the attachment, and finally after a few years into the couple fell in love.  Virtuous circle emotionally inspired her creative talent, she began to create another miracle: write 15,000 words of fiction every day, every month the two books.  In a lot of people every day are lower than the amount of reading 15,000 words, she was able to create 15,000 words a day, the same code word as a career I know the amount of labor which, at least, I can not do this astronomical.  So, look at those contrarian who re-energized it, in fact, they are particularly good at the fate of the kick in the ass to sit back seat heat.  TA who lives at the bottom of the parabola accumulated enough energy, hold your breath and slowly released, stepped on those bumpy road, the highway entrance to himself, then raring children starting full.  TA had to eat the same pain like sugar, but also in the most difficult times facing the world smile, even if such a person of success than common sense, respectable enough, that even if the pier a wash bowl than 90 percent of people seriously and adhere to good, eventually releasing their luster quality TA ordinary gentle light, or bright brilliant stars.  So, this is not a counter-attack, but they logically should have TA harvest, but also an extraordinary day in the natural trajectory, but this reversal is never a long wait.  Lucky and misfortune are like dominoes, it was born with the ability to extend good luck to go, some people have acquired the ability to stop and drop, those who counter-attack, our amazing TA were not successful, but they always TA hold up gesture.