Counterfeit magistrate

管理 / 2019-03-24

Qing dynasty Qianlong period, Yanzhou city has two large Medic, one is Pu Tong, a poly Hui Tong, the former church are the doctor, after the Church medicine business management.  Pu Tong treasurer called Douxiao Ci, born with a kind-heartedness, as long as the money to consumers in the poor, Dou Xiaoci called loudly: Small Acts, including medicine visitor!One to two to go, patients are willing to see a doctor here can be more patient, more the former Church of the deficit.Fortunately, drug dealers fancy integrity sign Epson Church, eager to do business, general business Tong actually bigger and bigger.  Church treasurer-Hui Chen is a poly calculating the skilled person, like to give a patient and generous, your side of the poor people even more bluntly: Mo money coming in sick.In this way, go to the doctor gradually flows Epson Church.Chen Jucai not only do not turn over introspection, but, as the S & P Health Church as thorn in the flesh, vowed to topple Yidu count Epson Church.  A day late at night, poly Ren Tang folks grab a burglars.Chen together before squinting his eyes, Hetui or so, from the mouth out of one sentence: you are the people of Heaven and Earth!Thieves covered Shaikang: great lord, a small sinus three just steal, do not say that Heaven and Earth!Chen together before greeting the thief approached: to act as I say, I not only protect you no jail time, but also allows you to send money to run away!Thief nodded and promised.  Magistrate Zhang Yunhe just got up, the housekeeper told, the treasurer-Hui Chen Tong asked to see Jucai.Chen came together before gingerly, Zhang Yunhe hearts of displeasure.Chen was quickly pulled out a poly drafts handed over, Zhang Yunhe one ends up sleeves, and then politely said: Chen Xiong!So why spend money, but say something anyway!Chen-only A: Last night a catch burglars, who was actually the world will also confessed Pu Tong treasurer Douxiao Ci heaven and earth will Aoki Tang Tangzhu!Zhang Yunhe immediately knowing, Chen together before it is Collateral, but he really could not bear drafts sleeve, told go: I caught the Douxiao Ci to be interrogated!  Detective will Douxiao Ci to capture the thief splash kneeling in front Douxiao Ci, tearful: recruited!Sinus three’m sorry you have all recruited.For the avoidance of physical pain, you put the world will say things right!Douxiao Ci confused, see Chen together before kneeling in church, and suddenly, it is being falsely accused, so bite the bullet did not say anything at.  Zhang Yunhe helpless, whispered to Detective: crime faction is implicated, the Douxiao Ci whole family are all sinners, to capture his grandson!Detective Douxiao Ci-year-old grandson will soon be thrown into the hall under.Mournful grandfather grandson cried, screamed Douxiao Ci pains.He screamed: Bale!Bale!The sky is absolutely my family!Destiny recognize it!Then sign papers.Zhang Yunhe ordered remanded to death row Douxiao Ci whole family, the whole family thirteen people, only the eldest son Dou Zishuo into medicine to the field, spared caught.Zhang Yunhe fake dossier, submitted to the Board of Punishments, the result has made it Doujia sentenced family copy cut.Poor Douxiao Ci life good deeds, it was not not hospice.Thieves are three sinus irrigation dumb drug, and the case beheaded.  Yanzhou drought, starving everywhere, magistrate Zhang Yunhe still all day life of debauchery, which makes grievances with people.One day, Zhang Yunhe eldest son climb trees to catch the bird, the result of falling trees, suddenly died.Zhang Yunhe inner ghosts, buried eldest son, Mrs. Lee said: I want to gyro vegetarian Buddha Temple in January, is the eldest son of salvation, praying for the second son!  Soon, Zhang Yunhe vegetarian expired, he took back the bureaucratic adviser cried: adviser!I possessed, do many evil things, and even bring disaster to future generations.Buddhist Road ‘ledge, deeds’, from now on I want repentant, I also hope to help sort out the past miscarriages of justice eleven!  Clerk got them wrong case in mind, his previous silent resentment, this time to see Zhang Yunhe put real sidewalk: the effectiveness of which should be the villain!  See adviser nod, Zhang Yunhe turned to Detective said: Poly Ren Tang Chen-only Zhuolai treasurer, I want to reverse the verdict Douxiao Ci!  Adviser scared face sallow, pulled to the side pulled Zhang Yunhe, whispered: classic!But major court case disturb, must not turn, if the verdict, the court will certainly cut you!Zhang Yunhe do not listen to advice, Chen obstinately tied together before the lobby.Chen-only not afraid, rolled his eyes, right thumb, index finger back and forth twisting action, said: great master!Wronged!This is Punishments set the iron case ah!Zhang Yunhe harshly reprimanded: bribery Chaotingmingguan, more serious crime!You bribe my silver, I have my own account!I’ll reward you 55 classic big stick!Stick flying, Chen played together before Jiaoniang father cry, how had to be framed Douxiao Ci, how eleven confess to bribery Zhang Yunhe.  Zhang Yunhe dropped tokens: the Chen-only pushed out beheadings!Clerk quickly scared shouted: great master!useless!According to the Qing cases of law, all death penalty cases was reported to the Board of Punishments approved!Zhang Yunhe mouth of a child’s cry: report does not report have got to be, so much trouble, so do these pigs and dogs, the kill happy!Blame him above, there I wore!Chen said as he was taken to the execution ground in situ polymerization beheaded, adviser anxious helpless, unable mantra: classic crazy, completely without testimonies!  Touts the wrong case file out, asking how Zhang Yunhe should be commuted, report it touts eleven.One day, completely change the case of the trial, Zhang Yunhe he tried to retreat, a beautiful woman carrying young children on the Church, Zhang Yunhe Road: Little Women, despite what grievances to channel!Adviser laughing: Classic!Your ad litem trial confused!This is your wife!Children approached Jiaodie, Zhang Yunhe took him in his arms, lovingly stroking.Mrs. blush Ruxia: classic!Temple has nearly returned from gyro day, why not go home to live in Yamen?Zhang Yunhe look sadly: Mrs.!Duwusiren, I could not bear to go home, but also hope Mrs. Grace a few days!There is a cellar under my bookcase, I accept there are many treasures, the streets victims very much, Mrs. opened soup kitchens that can be used to purchase food, relief of the victims!Mrs. Liu Mei stood: classic ah!Jianqie repeatedly told, not corrupt official, so as not to harm ourselves and others!Zhang Yunhe ashamed, kneel apology: Zhang Yunhe live up to the teachings of Mrs.!Mrs. Zhang Yunhe will Chanqi: mending their ways, the best thing!Mrs. begged one thousand victims to help, against the grain, base stoves, fire porridge, saved the lives of many victims.  After Miller says Chen-only chop, Chen Beijing Gao Yuzhuang family together before, spent a lot of silver and clear articulation, the bankbook to the hands of Emperor Qianlong.Qianlong Longyan furious, ordered the princes, Yanzhou Guards went to arrest Zhang Yunhe justice.Not a few days, men are arrived at Yanzhou County of Sichuan, Zhang Yunhe Guijie decree.After read imperial decree, to pick a Guards Zhangyun He mandarin, Guards other hand flail plate Laizhuo Zhangyun He, Zhang Yu Zhangyun He suddenly leaped, the mandarin into the air: ha!I do not care that the bladder body, in order to capture me ten years to learn martial arts!Yuehua Jian, drew a sword from his waistband soft.Guards to the sword with six siege, Zhang Yunhe sword dance was dazzling, dripping impervious.Guards headed to make a whistle, a big net fell from the sky, will close at Zhang Yunhe network, Zhang Yunhe cursed: the hidden weapon calculation, this is not a hero!  Qianlong get Zhang Yunhe was escorted to Beijing’s Memorial, on the scholar and said: Zhang Yunhe is Aiqing and protege, the trial up to you!And fell to his knees Jiezhi: I must enforce the law!In the evening, and summoned the Imperial Guards and headed in Fuchu, they know what the arrest of Zhang Yunhe.Imperial said: and the nave, Zhang Yunhe crude language, contempt for the court to force against arrest!  And alarmed: You said Zhang Yunhe martial arts?Guards said: ashamed!Zhang Yunhe martial arts, the six people who were not his opponent!And a wave: with me to the palace to meet with the emperor!