“Counterfeit Prince” Lady Luck

管理 / 2019-03-25

His father was among the first African students to enter the University of Hawaii, who attracted students from Kenya, his mother, a beautiful white girl.After acquaintance a few months, the two Parental Guidance, as relatives and friends opposed the marriage, they did not notify family and friends when married.But two years after his birth, the father with another woman but returned to the motherland.Mother did what most women that age do not marry an African man, gave birth to his child and divorce.Despite her later in life will be very difficult, but my mother was duty-bound.He later said his mother’s character is really Ganaiganhen.After the divorce with his mother struggled to live.Later, his mother met his stepfather, a student from Indonesia, so they moved to live in Indonesia.On the outskirts of Jakarta, the road is full of pits, serious inflation, the school’s junior partner to have a dark skin, curly hair, plus a fat body as he shouted nigger.He ran home to his mother for money to buy soap, I want to wash the black skin, but his mother told him to do black inferiority is not required.Later, he was sent to Hawaii and grew up in the custody of his grandmother.Because of his intelligent, he admitted to the best local school.The school is majority white kids, black kids are only three, this time he has on his skin color had serious doubts, but inadvertently move between relatives, deepened his fear of skin color.That evening, my grandmother came home very angry, complaining about other car encountered a beggar, she gave him a dollar, but he felt not enough, continue to be, she is very fear.He asked curiously, before we encountered a beggar, how can you not afraid?Grandmother said angrily, but this time encountered black ah!He froze.Grandmother’s face showing the natural feeling of disgust against black deeply hurt his heart, he wondered if he was not her grandson, she will be as nasty as he hates spam.In order to make some of their own self-confidence, he boasted to the students that his father is African prince, he is also a natural descendant of the royal family.Curiously, the students believe his lie, he began strutting communicate with others.Self-confidence and self-esteem, seemingly happy but actually painful confusion, then this is his psychological portrayal.Soon, rebellious phase coming.He became a teenage drug addict, he and any black youth as a desperate and do not know what the meaning of life.Family is poor, color is being laughed at, the future is hopeless, that even tortuous road to success could not find the road.He had some ridiculous day, do a lot of stupid things, such as truancy, drug use, because of who and so on, has become a fully-fledged bad boy.Nobody knows how to get him to do, many teachers have predicted: the US prison all states open to him at any time!At this time, the mother to obtain a doctorate, take the initiative to carry out anthropological work in Indonesia.His mother is very strange behavior, his mother told him that a man should pursue, do something you enjoy and benefit others, in order to be truly happy.He suddenly epiphany, to regain long-lost dream, although I was black, but I want to win your respect.He agreed with his black identity, study hard, at the same time admitted to Columbia University, but also to follow the example of the mother community volunteer work.He found that helping others can get really happy, especially to help those who are disadvantaged, better access to their own sense of accomplishment and pleasure.So, after graduating from college, he only made a high-paying jobs on Wall Street for two years, they will not hesitate to Chicago’s black community to perform community service work.Doing the little things, the way the community, lighting, home improvement, coordination of labor relations, etc., although trivial trivialization, and the salary is very low, but he made very carefully micromanaging.Whereby a proven track record, he was admitted to a doctorate from Harvard Law School to study law.He was like a mother, more people began to forget the happiness I work.However, at this time his mother died of cancer.Before his death, she completed a doctoral thesis up to 1000, the detailed analysis of the Indonesian farmers effectively, let him read emotionally.He found his mother in the funeral process in Indonesia, and people around the mother has a very good relationship.Although the mother did not leave him any wills and inheritance, but he believes the mother’s spiritual self-confident, full of energy, and excellent Ganaiganhen popularity, it is how much money can not be replaced treasure.With his mother left his spirit, his rapid rise in politics.Experience in community work, not only to help him to go to Harvard, also helped him to defeat more than rich and powerful opponents, successfully elected senator.When he decided to run for president, this experience helped him again.He himself did not think, when counterfeit prince of African descent, he actually be able to one day become US president.When he thought of his own mother had to say sink.She said: Obama, I think you are the most handsome father smartest black, now you instead of him.From a black boy, bad boy to the United States President, Barack Obama’s upbringing can be described as a living inspirational film.Starring him, but the director, it is his mother.