How coarse grains with the most beauty

管理 / 2018-04-10

Since the processing is simple, whole grains taste a little rough, but also because of this, save a lot of whole grains whole grains and no less content of fine ingredients。
So, how to match only whole grains nutrition it?And small series a look。 1.Barley Recommended reason: barley is rich in linoleic acid ,, easy digestion and absorption, to reduce the burden on the stomach, enhanced with very good results。
Medicinal value is also high, have a good anti-cancer effect。 In addition, barley is also a beauty food, eat it regularly can keep the body fine luster。 Barley eat: Lily barley porridge, with barley, to the heart lotus, lily, and the like Stew, the first barley, lotus, lily boiled, then with rice gruel, with the amount of flavoring can then, having lungs and diarrhea, skin health beauty role。 With barley, soup together, and then the amount of rock sugar to taste, you can make ginkgo barley soup。
How coarse grains with the most beauty 2.Recommended reason: Corn is a lot of people really like the food, delicious, high。 It cellulose-containing particularly high, and the cellulose can accelerate intestinal motility, reduce cholesterol absorption, the prevention of coronary heart disease。
Further, maize also contains a lot of magnesium, magnesium may enhance intestinal peristalsis, and promote the excretion of body wastes, very beneficial for weight loss。 Corn eat: corn either cook, but also directly as a snack。
Common dishes of stewed pork ribs corn, corn fried green beans。
As there is popcorn, corn and other baked or cooked directly eat。
3.Recommended reason: millet, also known as corn, contains vitamins,, fat and carbohydrate, high nutritional value, especially in carotene and vitamin B1 content of more high。 For elderly patients and mothers, it is highly desirable that tonic。
Millet to eat: The most common practice is millet porridge, and can be used with a variety of whole grains, porridge made of different flavors, with good nutritional and medicinal properties。 Millet ground into a powder, can be prepared and delicious。
The small rice, millet materials employed are water, pumpkin。
Pumpkin first cut into 2 cm thick blocks, millet soaked for half an hour covered pumpkin, rice cooker to cook。
As more moisture pumpkin, be careful not to put too much water when cooking, this porridge can ease people intense work pressure。