Country, please accept our repentance

管理 / 2019-03-30

Motherland, mother in the mirror I am still empty-handed I really could not get any decent gift to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Dragon Dragon is the totem of the Chinese people ah! Forming a shadow of guilt and helplessness I hid on a lonely island with garlands characters long dusty only good news is the “motherland, in my heart” ① also echoed in the ears of the motherland, yesterday evening I saw a round red sun broke through the clouds like my childhood carefree smile goes motherland, mother in my fourth animal year is about to wave in a very festive occasion of the upcoming Year of the dragon motherland goodbye, please accept I deeply repent – when I saw an endless stream of corrupt officials wavered when I had my head dyed EMU disaster picture I had doubted mine again and again when I read the news I hated when I heard I had the unfortunate little Yue Yue weak too when I can not afford the high price of the house I was insulted when I had a table full of eyes look leftovers I had felt before when I was robbed a ticket person I have been depressed.Motherland, red sun had fed my childhood I should not be so selfish, withdrawn, suspicious, complex motherland, mother of fact, I think back to my carefree face Please forgive me this wasted time, his eyes full of clouds the children, now motherland, please accept our repentance Notes January 11, 2012 ①: “motherland, in my mind,” Department of June 2009 to celebrate the 60th anniversary recite a poem written by.