Countryside different things

管理 / 2019-04-01

We say that a neighboring village, this is a true story, is the first person description!    Finally, I got married, I was older youth in the village, I waited for this day for a long time!The bride is also quite beautiful, I love a plus for her, the village people say I made her this lump of cow dung flower moisturizing shine bright!    Six months later, his wife was pregnant, I was even more desperate to earn money to support their families, our small village, the town far poorer country, full of muddy, village women are also strong in like a man, to be arable land, do farm work but I feel bad my wife, I do not let her do her as for the Buddha, I do scattered everywhere live, just want to earn some money, so my wife flower eat savory winter of that year, especially cold, the snow than ever when she came up a little earlier, get up in the morning, obediently ah, white earth, a foot up to the ankle at the!My wife did also the dead of the swing hanging in the yard, a thick layer of snow fell wife Tingzhaoduzi still in bed, over two months will be born, and my heart that the United States ah!Look at this day, played a guilty mind whispered, children to be born, but also to his wife to eat this big cold days, go there looking for work do?    Hesitated for a long time, with, cold day, nothing going out to the woods to steal branches to sell it!    I’ve never done such a thing, three generations of ancestors are out farmers, farming for a living, but a few years ago the parents have died, leaving only these three broken tile-roofed house, there was a three acre subdivision, I usually find something entirely casual living doing, but also saved a little point, in order to marry this flowery wife and I spent a lot of half-savings!Now running out of savings is not enough in the future to have children, raising a family of my living expenses really let the urine suffocated, hey, come on, let him borrow folks, I convinced myself, secretly went to the woods in!    Too cold, the woods are not intended to notice any hair, I grabbed the fast deft, quickly cut a few branches of the tree, one will be full of pike, and I hurried down the tree, ready to drag these branches how have to go back very crisp sorts of crows is called a few times, OMG, I’m surprised, cold day crow?I looked more fortunate, in my not far from the snow blanket flap, cold day how it did not freeze to death?In our rural areas is the most taboo crow my heart a panic, easily lost in the past machete!    In, and the snow thrown a red flower crow I quickly went to retrieve my machete, the raven, the plaintive stare at the sky, I was unlucky deft packed branches and got me ready outside the village sold!    Snow quickly covered my footprints, the woods and the silence!    Sold out branches, I picked up a little to take home, my wife wanted to give birth to stir a pot of heating!    To the house, I am very excited about carrying branches, cried his wife, then, tragedy struck, a branch impartial just stamp on my eyes, I quickly pull, shot eyes fell out my wife came out to see Manlianshixue to my fainting in the past I was taken to the hospital, this eye is probably retain his job, I’m afraid I’m going to suddenly born child, and my wife, my eyes expensive cost, the family how to do ah?I stumbled break doctors, hospitals are out of time, coming towards a big dogs!I felt a mind, I ran to catch the dogs dean room, a thump kneel toward the president, the dogs eyes change to me!    Dean listened to my story and family, generously agreed to my request and gave me free surgery!The operation was successful, but my eyes can see thanked the president, I returned home, not long after his wife gave birth to: a pair of twin sons!I was happy like a child!God really loves me son when the full moon wine, sleet, very bad weather, still not affect my good mood were much appreciated my beautiful wife, son and lovely daughter with a baby all day to see people who have not stopped!Finally, the guests have gone, I’m happy to return to the room, I want to kiss my wife opened the door and found his wife had children asleep, but this time the child began to cry, how to coax also more than, probably hungry, called daughter a few times, and no one should, opened a quilt look, wife boss eyes wide, mouth hanging blood, to explore breath, his wife has gone I’m going crazy wife is how you?God, ah, you gave me the joke is too big now, and I’m starving two children how to live ah?    End bury his wife, the weather was surprisingly good, the child’s poor appetite, frequent crying, I’m a fast crazy busy!Finally, two children asleep, sitting in front of me, blankly thinking about my wife, this time in the yard swing creak sounded, and I saw his wife wearing a white dress in a swing to swing to the top! Ah I’m scared of urine a pants, then blinked, swing like never move over night the child began to cry again, I was ready to live up milk, creaking doors of my house that door open, then footsteps were heard in the room, I shoved a pull lights, nothing, shut the door firmly, is it the next night I got it wrong, I can not sleep again, half lying eyes narrowed, middle of the night, a burst of cold wind blowing, but also creaking door open, followed by footsteps, then the sound of the cabinet is open, drowsily I seem to see his wife, came to the children, I hurriedly child in his arms, then his wife disappeared a few days later the quiet night available in thirty-seven wife that night, I had a dream, I dream of my wife said she wanted a child, she wanted to go with children, she said that our house is not clean, her new home is very beautiful, asked me to do together go, do not stay in this broken place, I started crying, when it looks like the head is full of her death, I was crazy arm waving suddenly woke up, I touched his face, wet and full of tears, quickly go child, the child not breathing after a few days, I invited Yang division, below the walls in my house dug up the coffin did a cover of a snake wrapped around the skeleton, skull skeleton feet rolling in, I remove the snake, reburied the bodies of the second year, I went to the field, learned carpentry, home carpentry people to do, the days gradually with improvement in the third year remarried, a son!    Now I do not understand that crows, dogs and my eyes, this association between my ex-wife, my children, corpses in the walls, snakeskin on corpses!Just think of what that year, really scared