Countryside father on wedding

管理 / 2019-04-02

Old house in the country, he received a call from his daughter from the provincial capital: Dad, you come to our wedding it!Daughter’s wedding scheduled for that lovely April.  He is a diminutive but strong father, only this one only child.Daughter 12 years old, then his wife died of cancer.When his wife died, already haggard, cancer pain tortured her tough battle.She cried to return home in bed to die, the infusion of money, but also left her enough spending a semester of.When his wife dying, she grabbed his hand and handed him a handkerchief.On top of that, she embroidered camellias.  His wife die, and a spell of three days and nights of heavy rain, flash floods, the home walls but also washed away a wall.Hill had just brought his wife, and his daughter will live in the village to another family.He was young, in his early forties age, some strength, with an effort that, he tried to make money, three years later, he built three brick houses on a hill in the village.  When the first-year junior high school daughter, he saw his daughter in this essay she wrote in the essay, he wrote more than 10 kilometers from the dam outside of buckets turned over to pick sand hills, like the swallow hard building things.That composition, let him in the house sobbing out loud.For single-minded raising her daughter, he never married.Daughter, earned good grades, high school to the city.See helpless father, the daughter said, Dad, you find a bar, to keep you company, I would not blame you.He grinned, said the children, as long as you dad enough.  Four years ago, her daughter was admitted to the best universities in the provincial capital, in the village sensation.He raised a pig sold it, fiddled West borrowed, gather tuition for her daughter.Four years later, her daughter graduated, he was admitted to the provincial capital, a civil service agencies, and lived a stable life.Daughter take him to the provincial capital to live, he only went once, less than a week, they returned to the village, only birdsong and the sound of flowing spring, can let down his father’s mind at ease.Daughter and a man engaged in computer software development in love.She told the news to his father and said, Dad, do not worry, he is a man I can rely on.  Wedding set at April, they set to honeymoon in Lijiang.She invited my father to the provincial capital to attend their wedding.She said the father, as long as you people, do not want anything.The boys home very rich, generous style and made the wedding.  He went and sat day and night train.Wedding day, he wore a formal tunic, but also specifically to buy a pair of shoes.Wedding held at a five-star hotel, the whole magnificent hall.Wedding master of ceremonies announced the start, men and women both parents to the scene.  Diminutive father, trembling with excitement the.He was a bit staggered to the front, in front of her daughter and son, his lips trembling.The face of a white wedding dress daughter, he discovered that his daughter is so beautiful and well-behaved.He thought of his wife’s death 10 years, if she could see this day, that is how happy ah.He does not blame the tears flow out, wipe gently with clothes.Dad called her daughter softly.At this point, the excitement of being the master of ceremonies presided over the wedding ceremony.He buried head, as if looking at the earth’s crop is in fact continuing Calei.He knew that, starting today, is the daughter of another man’s wife, in this world, only daughters, his heartstrings, his intimate cotton jacket.Think of it, he had a pain uprooted.  Master of ceremonies announced that two people each hug their parents, parenting expression of gratitude.Daughter to pour predecessor, with open arms to embrace his father.Under a large crowd, he suddenly panicked, about her daughter’s embrace escape, the hall of the guests sent laughter.Master of ceremonies announced, toast the children to their parents, the daughter of a cup filled with wine respectfully ended in front of his father, this time, his father a glass of wine also drink it, just like he is, after drinking on a hillside in the village that kind of exertion strength.Finally, the master of ceremonies announced that the two parents to give children red envelopes offer.He took out a handkerchief from trembling tunic pocket handkerchief wrapped in 6600 dollars, that’s all to save for a father after all these years to live frugally.He put both hands to the handkerchief bulging daughter, said softly, child, father nothing to give you, put this money to you this handkerchief, you are left to your mother.  Daughter cried about the master of ceremonies also heard the sound coming from the country of his father, his father put this thing out to the hall announced guests.Suddenly, the entire hall burst into applause, to the venerable father, also invisible to the mother.