County along the river; twelve silk waterfall

管理 / 2019-04-03

City, skyscrapers, the highest tell tall, tall most beautiful; air vehicles such as the Milky Way’s stars, tell imported bike, the bike is made in China; people such as tide, can not tell who is a countryman, who are city people.I had to become familiar with these, in addition to noise, floating, bustling outside one more word depressed.Sometimes late at night I woke up and often alone balconies, lit a cigarette branch, so that a plume of Mist with a trace of nostalgia back to the distant homeland.In the home screen silhouette segments, stacking up along the county.Twelve silk waterfall.    A silk two waterfalls located in Guizhou Province.County along the river.Town and Hong Tianhe passenger grams crossing Interchange.500 grams falling Tianhe-meter-high cliff ladder, Wade spent even Ju Tian ancient shrine 800 years, Qi flows Ju 1300 classical stone for the bridge, crossing the 1300 open Guizhou ancestor Tianzong significant government house, around the ancient Qian State The first prefect grave, after hardships to twelve wire Taniguchi, hop, forming high 117.2 meters, 23 meters wide in a two wire waterfall.This is where a profound cultural background and, as they put it, how high the mountain, there is more thick accumulation of history.Look up to twelve wire, green lengthy piece, in addition to Fei waterfall still tirelessly dancing, everything is silent, as if through a time tunnel of the old, cold look at the vicissitudes of the best, in the ebb and flow of history , always so gentle little bit, calm and quiet.    World view, than the most beautiful natural landscapes, natural landscapes and the most attractive, the most touching than the waterfall.You see, a baishuihe innumerable twists and turns, but also waves also pale, broken mountains, came to leap on Huangguoshu cliff, making it the first Asian to win the waterfall reputation; “waterfalls three thousand feet, the suspect is Galaxy nine days. “.Li Bai a “望庐山瀑布” poem, which takes people into the picturesque, mesmerizing situation.Twelve silk waterfall twice as high Huangguoshu Falls, odd show unique romantic.It contains beautiful, majestic, odd risk of falls, now or in the boudoir girls, but it sticks Hongxing occasionally stuck his head out, and shyly back, and with her beauty and youth waiting for handsome brother love to strangers , friend, spend.    Twelve silk waterfall suddenly rushed down the cliff from the gap, like countless small White Dragon shake silver beard, I saw a trace of white water pouring down a waterfall from the sky fall from the sky, Durian, seems like flying all blessings world.The breeze blowing, blowing the smoke or fog waterfall, spray falling on the body, like the drizzle, dazzling in the sunshine.The most amazing is when there is a musical rhythm falls down, you can feel the magic Kongguhuiyin, sounds of nature’s ear.Reminding us of scenes day and lovely woman stepping on the beat, dancing the dance of youth.Water speed is not slow in no hurry, just like a lady walked methodically, says water is a lively, just as vibrant teenager, described as hardness and softness.At this point, my emotions are running high, because I saw that Li Bai’s poems depicted the “three thousand feet, nine days,” the true picture.Fly pouring into the lake, water droplets scattered, diffuse cloud around the fog, which confusion is water, which is the mist.Both sides of the pine forest, there are also several strains of bamboo.Hazy rain and fog, and all are perfumes poetic.    Winding mountain road, the path is not wide, both sides of the grass, flowers, trees, high and low, patchwork.That lush grass, or knee, or just like the height of the foot.Grass, crickets and crickets play music there, they transform the rhythm, short time duration.I do not know on which Chaner tree, eager, loud cicadas Po Kong, as if in a ratio crickets and crickets singing.Hand pick a few dog’s tail grass, they compiled Cacalia, dogs, readily gave little children playing street, put them amused in a good mood, “Uncle” sounds heard on the.In between wandering off into the wild loquat trees, Cimei, peach, melon August, gently put one in his mouth, a mouthful of fluid.Quiet lane lone, fun unlimited.    Twilight in the mountains, came as quickly, so breathless, walking trance, Manshan rain and fog followed behind, chased cage up, I knew it, too solemn pine, stone is also bleak, but also dancing shadow.Exposure at the top of the mountain open, do not distinguish the stars, dense fog, Xieguo the mountains near the ridge, the wind gently blowing through the pine forest, sounded faint waves.Qiuchong foot whisper, unknown birds, occasionally saying something loudly in the forest, humid night, like a thick ink.Mountain cling to water, the water reflecting the mountains, quiet and harmonious, a touch of loneliness.Idle mind as life slowly remembered the years, quietly as water, light as a mountain.With good pines, rocks at it, wonderful sea of clouds.Twelve years of encrusted silk clouds, a ray of hand ripped off, eyes full of dazzling bright dust.Weather-beaten stones still standing, green millennium Thoreau, going through wind and rain still vigorous upright strange song, build a Road Reading thousand times is not tired of the scenery.Quietly, read it lonely thousand years of silent calm and stable, read it any things change and still persistent broad-minded distant.Greenfield wave and then a wave, trace of a trace buckle heart, taut, then release, I enjoy flying his own, journeying sense of history precipitated one kind of everlasting.    Fast forward a few years go by, many memories have already blurred in memory, but a two wire falls still so clear and sweet in my heart.It was not as famous Huangguoshu Falls majestic, Lushan Waterfall.But also forceful spectacular, spectacular, beautiful scenery, pristine leisurely.