County magistrate Zuojiao

管理 / 2019-04-05

County master took into the mountains, take a car ride four.Mountain bad to go sharp bends and steep turn, is not uphill downhill.Du youngest of their four bearers lift up the black sweat DC, tired of not coming: County master, and then go rest a?He did not know the official sitting taking the foot pain: go.Bearers can not continue to go forward.And went for a ride, four bearers do not win too tired to vent, sweat pants are: County master, knock off now?Officer dozing in the chair inside: go!Sedan Chair depend only Zuojiao four feet teeth, take only prodigiously.And went for a ride, county master himself sitting on your toes, hemp friends, sit acid backs you, would like Alighting Events waist and legs, before being allowed to rest: Well, first you must rest a of rest.Chair stopped, a two bearers busy wiping sweat.County master got down and stretched, yawned, thrown from the text coming: How big the mountain road to repeat itself small; officials have not done, no small hardship.Bearers already has gas, hear the county master rejection text, the words are connected: master’s scholarship heard good na?County master bearers do not understand is facing the pig feeding, he is very proud: no scholarship, to go official?You may not want to go against the Wing, try the county’s effort?Du youngest laugh: No, no.We can only guess miles son play puzzle.This good you’ll Luo!The official said, playing a mystery sub-county guess behold?Oh, Du youngest replied, we do think highly of the county master.Me a try.slow.The official said, the county made it clear beforehand: if guessed, this is not the county’s wages may give you a.Du youngest one, ho, not a character to write, not a hook nine words, he does not want to repudiate what wages!Then A: hard to say, sir guessed, we do not wage that is emerging ①.If the master guess it?Next to all chime in three bearers: Then the master folder open times wages Luo!Folder times?Do not think that things!Officials repeatedly shook his head, he could not bear to put the money, you play some of the mystery of the child, the county there anything guess?In case guess, the county is not in litters from Mao, who walked!Du youngest followed sentence: master his word?Officer: Well Yiyanjichu!Du said the youngest: Please listen to classic Hao Li, playing a sub-object mystery: lying, also here, tied, it climbs ran the.County master one, it is difficult to!What is the object which?Tied, it is reasonable but should still here ah, how comes in the run-up to run?After much thought guess.In fact, the mystery sub-simple, that is the system in the feet, go hiking sandals Ridge, thousands of families have, and seen a lot of the county master, or guess.Or guess, saved face but also live, so he can not be reconciled without a sedan chair Oh!He huh swallow to swallow: ah, the Tai Su, then make a point of interest in the text!Du youngest said: as long as the master meant it, call it a resort to resort to a Luo: Heaven knows I have, to my knowledge no.People know I have, I know I have no.To hit an object?Official what has stunned.Which is very interesting paper, or guess.God knows I have to and I do not know; people think I have, uh, I know he did not, not necessarily oblique accusations made fun of the county?He wanted to get angry, afraid of their own guess is irrelevant, then put down a Daohai.He wanted to ask, asked not to export.This second sub-mystery, that is the system feet wearing socks child.Socks worn the bottom cloth, the sub-system is still long, but lost before wear sandals in the feet, so that tie bars barbed legs.Viewed from above or others look like good socks, bottom; from below, not the end, people wear themselves know.Oh bearers, porters Oh, often worn socks at the end first, wear stockings sub-systems of today have Joe Smith, John Doe tomorrow there, they all know this mystery text.County master can guess what it?Officer anxious forehead Tanghan.Really have gone their own?Look at the big mountain ridge, not to mention the mountain walking instability, even the truck could not tell?Humph!Du youngest Q: Sir, this and uh guess?Was given three times!You do not say a text and impressive!Du youngest: Hao Li!When we first sedan chair carried to the shoulder, and say no later than.Ok?This is not the former no village shop, the sky not late, or if the master guess we better hurry hurry miles.Officer helpless, listening to the bearers yell, they empty chair was carried to the shoulder.Du said the youngest, sir, listen to this third, or play objects: came from a blue, old Huang, 1000 Hammer hit with one hundred pairs.There inaudible person, there is no smell and smell fragrant nose.County Classic anxious, I ll buy.There nose and ears, actually could not smell taste, hear sound?Guess it is a curse, then with double And how to explain?Both in pairs, so why fight one hundred and 1000 Hammer?Well, it is a ghost yo!This is the third mystery child, he says they are sandals.Sandals of course the ears, nose, which otherwise is not a system, not a thing to wear!Wen three mystery, two things are bearers of the feet.County is also a master guess not listed, their youngest Du Ming bang, stay away.That officer stomped shouted: I lift!I emerge a doubling wages, you have to carry me!.Du youngest they only go prodigiously: classic not to speak, we do not have to carry you Luo!.Bearers ran like a champ.County master should not call every day and had to move their feet from Romania!( “New laughed House” Wang Zuodong finishing) ① emerging: dialect, meaning fight.