County Poverty Alleviation

管理 / 2019-04-06

Zhou County countryside poverty, the goal is old and sick, elderly and families living in especially difficult, the first stop to the economic conditions behind the village of Wu Guantun.Under the leadership of the village director, went into the house of poor households Wu lame.  Wu is lame yard Zecai, see to so many strangers, scramble to stand up, puzzled and asked the village director: Big Brother, where’s the guests that this is ah?  Pointing to the village director, Zhou County: This is our new weekly county magistrate, taking the time to engage in poverty alleviation specifically to Zancun.You are one of our village at the object, the first county to learn to understand the situation of your home.  Wu lame bow to stoop to say: Thank you, Mayor!Thank village chief!  Mayor Zhou smiled and said: do not have to thank the.Concerned about people’s lives, is our duty.Let me ask you something, you say something, to tell the truth, if true, the county to help your family out of poverty, to help you ride out the storm at home.  Well, certainly must.Wu nodded and agreed with lame.  At this time, Wu’s wife Zhao lame took from the house, enthusiastically said: Husband, county come, it can not stand in the yard, not quickly let into the house to sit.  Wu waved lame: you go to the house to move a few stools, bar in the yard.The house, the house where people get in, dirty taste.  All the way to the magistrate, courtyards, and more polite way!Zhao said the flower insisted.  Wu lame a stare: you go to call you.Burning a pot of boiling water to go, take me to drink that tea is also out, go.Zhao spent no more to speak of sound, turned and entered the room.  After weeks magistrate sat down, looked at Wu lame lived a few broken house, with the lame Wu said: This is your home too shabby house, and also the flip, there is no money, the government can finance your.We do today, to learn to understand your family’s annual income, you tell us one by one, even if it is to sell a pound of junk money can be considered, as long as your family income even, if they meet the conditions of poverty, go back immediately do.  Village director added: Zancun gave one of those places, demand exceeds supply, the same as for the villagers through a sieve, I had over and over again, your home is considered one of the poorest in the village, put your home on the line to tell the truth income.  Wu lame head down thought for a moment, then lifted his head and said: home possessor of 12 chicken, there are two cocks, at an average of eight eggs a day, every month about 240 eggs, eggs sell for a dollar each Chai monthly income of 240 dollars, which the hens lay eggs busy period is six months per year, by the end of two cocks to sell 200 dollars, the annual income of about chicken is 1640 dollars; annual income of more than 2000 dollars in wheat, corn, etc. cereals income more than 2000 dollars; pick up the slack when broken thousand dollars of income, income on these.  Zhou Magistrate hear frowned and asked: Tell me what your family spend each year?  Wu lame to be a cry to say: I’m a sick Sicko, perennial medication, the drugs each year to more than 4,000; the village more than adults, weddings and marriage have every year with more than 1,000 elements; electricity, more than 1,000 dollars Youyanjiangcu it is a daughter, admitted to the university, the family had no money, did not go on, still stay at home.  Zhou said the magistrate after listening to: Wu ah!Your family also did enough on the poor households, a year income is not enough spending, households qualify as poor.Help your family out of poverty, we go back to do.  Husband, do not say you have an income.Zhao spent ran out from the house shouting that.  Village director first surprised, take a look at the magistrate a week, then patted the shoulder of Wu lame, blushing complained that: If you hide the fact that this is your right.  Look at his face Magistrate week, it is better just warm, Wu lame frowning, he said: I do not have anything to hide ah?Has said, and this bitch Nonsense.  Zhao took seriously: you hide, and also beak steel teeth.  Zhou asked Magistrate Zhao flowers: a man you really hiding something?He did not say, you can say it.  Zhao said the flower: the beginning, the county that you say, and as long as the family income, even if.The day before yesterday, my daughter’s engagement, the man to the bride price money of 200,000, this money is our family’s income ah!  Zhou Magistrate Wu said the lame: the income they have to be considered.Congratulations to your family, does not belong to poor households, the daughter has helped your family out of poverty.He turned around with the village director, said the new poverty line households find it!  Zhao flowers took over the incumbent, by name, said: That you go home poor bar Zhang Mazi.His three sons are still too poor to name unmarried man.  Zhou magistrate smiled, Zhao cast to the approval to spend big eyes, silently laments: more good ah villagers!Simple goodness, thinking of others, noble gesture beauty of the soul.