Couple concentric tree

管理 / 2019-04-08

Her younger than his age of 20, to marry him, people back home thought she was near on the wealthy.She knew only that he in the end is what kind of man.  He was just an ordinary man, black, ugly, yellow teeth.Matchmaker had did not say that, but said it was a live man, because the family was poor to delay, have not been looking for a wife.Was it, did not find the wife went to the mountains to find, there are Sichuan, Shanxi, Hunan spend a few thousand dollars can be recruited.The man also someone take a back, and this is her, a dead woman’s husband.  Matchmaker that men rich yet, rely on technology to eat.Woman as eager to escape from the family, asked no question what man would marry craft came.Come to know, his craft is in the wind and rain outside the shoe repair, plus a man looks ugly, so she’s feeling kind of fooled.Back, no return, her husband’s family called her Sangmen star, saying that she gram dead husband.  Remarried, the man is very pet her, buy her some gadgets to Gesanchawu, a box of powder, a lipstick, a few strings lychee she grow up to 30 years old, never used lipstick, not to mention a taste lychees, soon, she began to feel more happy than Yang, taste lychees, when men do not eat, just innocently watching her eat.She said: you eat.He said: I do not like it, I’m happy to watch you eat.Later, she accidentally took to the streets, casually asked about the price of lychee, surprised, turned out to be 20 yuan a catty.Her eyes look moist, how could he not eat lychee?He is reluctant to eat it.  She hurt him even more, in the morning he woke up early to cook, prepare the meals warm so he came back at night; winter, shoe repair man in the street the day, cold cold body, the woman took the man’s feet put his arms to warm the.Also contented man, said to be the last generation to repair a blessing will marry her, why he was 50 years old not married, it is waiting for her chant.Right woman elated.  When the woman saw a man so tired every day is very distressed, she said: I bought the machine, and I go with you a shoe repair.Men do not agree, he said he earned enough to feed her, a woman seriously, and insisted on going.So the street always saw a Laofushaoqi in shoe repair, next to two people, there is a time shoe repair, two people work together, when they are free, they talked and laughed chatting.Winter windy, woman’s hand froze red ears are also black and blue with cold, when a man bought a roasted sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes exudes seductive fragrance.Men peel, blowing through your mouth, do not eat, he put his mouth sweet potato into a woman, a woman happily bite, and a wind blowing, so that men eat.They ate a mouthful, as if enjoying a good meal, eating seems to love the Eucharist.  One day, a man said to the woman: Someday, I will go in front of you.Woman started to cry, saying: I’ll go with you.  The man said: No!Then the man said: We are now paying the money is not much, and then earned a few years, the pension should be no problem for you.Also, I give you in the ground and planted 500 trees, and so one day I went, you could not move, and that 500 trees have grown up, I believe they can feed you.  Woman threw herself into the arms of a man crying.500 trees, 500 trees do just that?From this life no one thought about it for her, the man can even think of her old age, she felt that this life is really worth it.Now what city people Xing couples tree, love tree, while her man to give her trees planted those trees precious than a million times, it was a couple concentric tree.