Inspector of Customs and Excise recruit 90 150 people competing for a seat to be over seven off

管理 / 2018-04-11

  January 3, according to Grand Duke news January 3 reported that the Customs and Excise Department last week to recruit 90 customs inspectors, expected 150 people competing for a seat。
Candidates need over seven off, part of a panel discussion in which the passing rate of about three percent, four fitness test places more difficult to run 800 meters, only six qualified adult。 Customs Training School Fan Zaiguang, six months ahead of the proposed candidates physical exercise, and group discussion "quality and not quantity," in addition to express a personal point of view, but also need to listen and respond to the views of others。
  Customs on Friday until Monday open recruitment Inspector post, candidates must be proficient in English and familiar with current events, and will be in March to participate in the selection, in English and aptitude written test, group discussion, leadership test, four fitness testing , success "over seven off" who in the year two thousand and seventeen eighteenths into classes, receive live training period of 24 weeks。
  Panel discussion only three qualified adult Fanzi Guang said that the panel discussion the low pass rate, only three percent of qualified candidates。 He explained that many candidates over-express themselves in the course of the discussion, ignoring the views of others, "the panel discussion is not debate, the focus is on discussion, which are not there right or wrong."。 Leadership test is the test of leadership and resilience, he said, need to lead the officers to complete the task, the process is more important than the results, including whether the candidates issued clear instructions, can panic in emergency situations, etc.。   Four fitness test is one of the difficulties, each candidate is required to obtain a minimum of points, four or more shared the twelfth。
Fan said the 800-meter run fewer people than qualified to wear the ladder, the year before compliance rate is only Liucheng。 He believes that the candidates are not allocated physical strength, beginning with a try, finally powerless; also the beginning of the stay in force, then force towards the end, when the result of excessive use。
800m by rating criteria, the candidate to be completed within at least 3 minutes and 15 seconds。   27-year-old former philosophy graduate of the Chinese University Wu Siqi to accept the fitness test, had spent six months training run "every night to run a certain number of hours," and a panel discussion, he said that the habit of watching weekdays, and analyze the reasons and justifications behind。
24-year-old college graduate Wu Jiawen comity others in the group discussions, and listen to their views and then to respond, she said the current affairs must move with the times。
She and Wu Siqi are the last inspector trainees。 (Reporter Yang state) Editor: Shao Yuxiang, Yan Guo Xi。