Couples in tears

管理 / 2019-04-10

, Chiu Mei, stars blinking, water gurgling mountain landscape.We snuggled, hooking up, talking, laughing, depending on the phase.Surplus natural smile you put pen collection for many years, donated to me.I silently heart collection, quietly embedding a better future thoughts.,, to the text, dim, I picked up a ray of bright, colorful collection all the way to expectations; the future, insists heart, to bring a touch of spring, eager to gain a proud.,, day, in the soft moonlight, I cuddle with you, you said softly: “Honey, my essays, gathered in the famous” published prose Online “website, of us who are pen Yeah, who is Yeah paper?”This, however Anliang ‘collision liver, spleen’ problems, you seem like a baby ‘inventory’ to the text of my mind, I hesitated a moment, I smiled and said:” Of course, you are a pen Yeah, you are sweet angel pen!”I envy half half and said Fudge.You seem happy smile.I smiled slightly.Heart meditation, “wait, make money, is the last word!Even if I was right paper…….”,, last word is my desire proud.The strands of dreaming, flowers bloom into shares; the piles of a “probing”, folded in a yellowed paper.In the universities, the students call me “Computer”.Joe Smith, Sally, were earned, not to mention I almost?Day, blue sky, the wind softly.I also made a!One hundred thousand yuan into a point two million out of the hall, his back laughing, you and me, practice makes almost earn more?Practice makes the pen almost?,….Better future is by “computer” I!Proudly patted his head melon., Year, make half a million!I do not tell you, to give you a surprise, say you buy a car, buy a car…..I was ecstatic.,, The following year, the fifteenth day, I also memorable!The sky Fireworks; mansions Avision Purple.I was crying, crying dizzy…..Five hundred thousand, between waving, fufu dust heart, Xinxin a dream, it is clouds, shame.An “at most is painful, cold smoke tree gray Jiuquan.”Ming to the ears…….So it goes, how can he be worthy of her gifts my pen, a myriad of thoughts…….All day, silent.Bed body, mind War, though we cried tears of regret heartbroken; you queue, the clear tears, ran into static Qi Gugu.High channel: “man, you listen, writer Red smile warn people of the world,” Red Years, faint taste, quietly collection, gently turn around, quietly strong.Time is fleeting broken in one place, there are a lot of people, and slowly fell apart; there are a lot of things, it gradually faded.”” My dear, ‘my heart, or a blossoming snow; my love, or Chunhuaqiuyue in ,,,,,,,’ ,, am, you send a message of fine silk white, like snow gently , one, two, three…..Gently thing that catches my eye.Gazing moment, the word pink, infection in the white paper, transient, causing a pink rose flowers, I saw you smile Li Mei, could not help calling your name, Vicki…… The soul of your love, like that of snow in the spring and run it; ,, you love, like the Zen lotus, Qin heart.Collection sorrow; contrition Collection!Yuzuo paper, I gradually learned, no matter whether man, woman worth mentioning, as the paper who is also silent observation made paper; pens as the author, but also distractions!Because, people director, who has a short!, Know yourself, pick our way men!Because, there is always the mountains become distant mountains; there is always an aggregate become unmatched haze; there is always the landscape became home of the situation of the shelf.,, Heart yesterday, winding paths have no doubt; today’s situation, Willowbank Hua-ming Another Spring.Honey, you are my heart the most beautiful Wei, you are the most beautiful gold pen in my heart, I am your pen paper ah!Tomorrow’s road, paper and pen love go hand in hand; pen and paper love is forever.A bright future is embedded in the paper and pencil!, Until the time when Elixir of Love tomorrow, facing the month, in front of your chest bring your gift pen, I had to dump in your good graces……Red Love ,, pen to put pen to paper 2016,2,1, early morning