Couplet detection

管理 / 2019-04-11

Su Suzhou city, the old saying there is a lady, Mingjiao Dan mother, childhood love of reading and sentence.One day, she heard “Awaken the common saying,” contains three difficult groom Su Xiaomei story, move their heart, but also hard to imitate to a joint determination to marry the groom when.Sure enough, the wedding night, she was out to groom a weird Union: the lighting Gordon House attack each book is a groom named Mr. Xu De teach, because that night do not go up, the rest had to return to school alone.But the next day, the mother went so far as Sudan somehow plunge himself up.  Mother’s maiden Sudan after hearing the news, Mr. Xu was forced to insist daughter jumping into a river, a piece of paper plaint report to the county, that the magistrate blindly to extract confessions, the poor groom was forced admissions, set up a capital offense, only to be cut after the autumn behead.Mr. Xu’s mother heard the news, angry committed suicide.Xu parent heart satisfied, reports to the state capital.Prefect Kuang Zhong, after that, feel this strange, determined to get to the bottom.According to Mr. Xu confessed in prison, the bridal chamber of the bride out of the joint, he could not because of, back to school told colleagues BU scholar talked about the matter, nothing about.Seeing the time to leave the knife behead only a month, the case may still not have any idea, Kuang Zhong was very anxious.  At that time, a time when July 15, late at night, bright, white and bright silver Zhiying study, according to Kuang Zhong was awake, his entourage said simply: can not sleep, we go to the yard to celebrate it.  Entourage immediately fetched a chair, leaning against the hospital of a Chinese parasol tree, please sit Kuang Zhong.Kuang Zhong shift the shift chair, she is preparing to sit down, suddenly exclaimed: Well, there are ways of!Then, the study ran back straight, entourage felt dreadfully puzzled..  The original conditions at the time of the clock just moved the chair, I think of the old Bao clever couplets settle a lawsuit with a story.  Legend CLASSICS period, the western suburbs of Kaifeng Zhang Xuefeng zhangjiazhuang of the West Village Creek Xugong Zi married, the wedding night, the groom that Zhang Xuefeng out of the test, and said: do not come out, you are not allowed Jin Dongfang.She was out of the joint is the same rhyme with: Chicken Creek West Creek Sarkozy sings of Western Union, Xugong Zi is the name of the village is located, and with these five words in rhyme and belong to me, that Xugong Zi not prepared in advance, the more urgent the more do not go up, had a fit of anger to go back to school.Thin with school scholar questioning the situation in silence, each respectively Anqin.  The next morning, Miss Chang Xugong Zi see still worried, did not understand: why the glum husband?  Xugong Zi thought she was rhetorical, snappily replied: Not for your askew tricky pair!  Bride hear, Puchi laugh about open: What a Teacher, you are not on the very last night, okay, why then repeated it two!  Xugong Zi one, horrified and said: What, what?Last night, I obviously spent the night in a school where it!  Bride heard here, if thunderstruck, also said the sound ah, Dear husband, fainted, woke up, she felt unworthy of Xugong Zi, actually drowned herself in the.Its maiden hearing, where willing to give up!Said set of Tiaojing made her Xugong Zi, a paper plaint to official report, Xugong Zi is condemned to death.Xugong Zi’s parents refused to accept the report to Kaifeng, Bao felt so odd to hear, after deliberation, avoid arouse his suspicions, and finally with her daughter, set out with an idea to Zexu.  Bao’s daughter heard a joint Zexu, scheduled for half an hour, many eager scholar.To a really good time, the whole drumming masterpiece, Bao sat in the armchair, that the candidate who was more nervous than the successful candidates to participate, together with a waiting Bao.After shouting loudly quiet, just listen to Bao read aloud the joint is: South Shore also linked with boat, although in only five words, five words are all but a rhyme, and every word seems supremely heavy.One by one candidate brains, only the thin scholar quickly stood out to grab Road: House North deer alone places on well, really a perfect match!  Terrific, and indeed Ingenious!  While everybody applauded again and again on the occasion, Zhang Bao told Long, Zhao Hu: this skinny scholar to tie me up!  People do not know what happened.Later, Bao to introduce said: It is capable of half an hour to an uplink, indeed easy, the officer is determined, it is relying on the thin student with the Zhangxue Feng harmed.The presence of people hear, all admire Bao clever.  Kuang Zhong also couplet master, decided Yihuhuhuapiao.The next day, he will be out a notice that is to recruit a chief of staff, provided that the need for a second line to be.And the Alliance, it would like to move out of the chair last night when Kuang Zhong: Shift chair leaning Tong notices posted with the full moon did not take long, the BU scholar approached Jiebang, and the bride out wedding night that the uplink to: Gordon House lighting each book Kuang Zhong an attack, immediately ordered it to win.BU scholar began to quibble also repeatedly shouted wronged, and later had truthfully confessed how to covertly through raped Tanya.