Couplet rescue

管理 / 2019-04-12

Zhou Yu Huang Qing Dynasty, Guizhou Qingyan man, very learned, was that people recognized genius.  One year, in the spring season, Zhou Yu Huang to ten temples play, night live in the temple.Soon asleep, he suddenly heard in the next room came the faint voices, listen closely, turned out to be someone repeatedly recite a couplet: 100 Carpenter brick one thousand megawatts caused ten Buddhist temple.  Zhou Yu Juan to the interest, then got up and ask the temple’s monks: What kind of people live next door?  Monk replied: is scholar surnamed Huang, a few days ago to come up with such a monastery when visiting the Alliance, but not the second line, Best, a few days later, his sleepless nights, think hard, and now is dying!  Zhou Yu Huang Q: Is there no one to help him out of it on the second line?  Monk replied: This couplet has four numbers: ten thousand, thousand, hundred, ten, and this figure is four to 10 times decreasing, to the second line of great difficulty, a lot of people have tried, but no one has yet able to draw.  After returning from the monks there, Zhou Yu Juan like a long time, failed to come up with the second line.  The next day, Zhou Yu Huang boat with regret that I leave ten Buddhist temple, on the way across the bridge, 0.08 Bridge bridge engraved with three words, these circumstances, his heart suddenly see the light, he told the boatman quickly turned the bow return ten Buddhist temple.  Although Huang Shusheng temple a few days bedridden, still in weakly, intermittently talking about the phrase Union: 100 Carpenter brick one thousand megawatts caused ten Buddhist temple.  Juan Zhou Yu stood outside the door loudly and rhyme respond: a four-ship two pulp shaken 0.08 Bridge.  Huang Shusheng, suddenly shines, lift your spirits and exclaimed: Miao Union!This second line also has four numbers: one, two, four, eight, according to two times increase, wonderful!Really really wonderful!  Huang Shusheng eliminate heart disease, after the line well again and together with Zhou Yu Juan, swim beauty!