Couplet wedding tragedy out

管理 / 2019-04-13

Ming Jiajing, Funing County, Jiangsu Province, north chenzhuang have a last name Chen old scholar, often because the test does not give in career blocked, coupled with poor farming, life is very poor, thirty-five just married wife.However, even the rain leaking every boat broke and had met with head winds, wife of the door soon suffer from heart disease, died in less than six months after the rule is not to give him a daughter.More than old scholar grief, day night to do a father mother, devoted themselves to raising her daughter.The girl, named his blessing children, daughter hope everything is good luck, happy life, so unlike their own ill-fated miserable.In order not to let his daughter wronged, then he did not remarry, and in the home run from the private school, earn some money to put her daughter to eat well.Days spent in day by day toil old scholar’s daughter grew up in the care of the old scholar’s day by day, and shortly eighteen summers past, her daughter come out as flowers, coupled born intelligent, they have old missionary scholar, Fuqin painting , stonewalls omnipotent, a time fame, many rich families sent the media door, wants to marry his daughter refused, were old scholar, he saw his star pupil Liu Ming.Liu Ming Liu, who lives forty miles outside the village, because of the distance involved, the inconvenience to come and go, let the old scholar, who lives in self-reading.Liu Ming family originally regarded as well-off well-off, because suddenly the year before the fire, burned not only consist in run-down houses, and parents both died in the fire.Originally Liu Ming is no money to continue studying, the old scholar to see him extremely intelligent and studious is a good block of material, could not bear to let him halfway abandoned, they let him free on-campus.Seeing Liu Ming grow fast day, the old scholar determined to move his wife’s family, they put a mind to say to his daughter, his daughter without hesitation they agreed, because she has long love for Liu Ming.Liu Ming said the old scholar but also to find and intention, Liu Ming listening that is promised, because he also has long been admired for blessing children, just ashamed not afford to dream.  Ye love, flower intentionally, the old scholar overjoyed, immediately fix a day for them, married.Wedding night, to individual seats, drum music interest rate convergence, a pair of daily life, but gracious mutual friend Mu-long love new people in the bridal chamber intended to cut cotton, embracing language.However, when Liu Ming Fu children undress urge to sleep, to say the blessing children to look at the moon tonight outside the plane-tree is not to celebrate the marriage and brighter They.Sentence caught Liu Mingxing cause infinite, immediately carrying blessing child’s hand out of the door.Outside, bright, clean bright as a mirror, they moved a chair against the Indus look up to the moon, hearts Dangqi happy ripples.Suddenly, blessing children smiled and said: Liu brother, you see, so bright tonight on children, indicating that we were originally marry God, little sister moved by the occasion, come up with a joint, I wonder if you would be willing to second line?Liu Ming confident: willing.Fu children laughed: not on how to do?Liu Ming asked: how do you say?Fu children say: do not you are not allowed on Jin Dongfang, when to feed on when, how?Liu Ming thought and said: Well, you out with it.Fu children blurted out: move with chair leaning Tong month view.When he finished, got up and ran laughing Jin Dongfang, snapped shut the door, the door says: You have to pair up, I open the door.Liu Ming smiles confidently: Well, you wait.Then they use their brains wondering second line.However, I kept thinking, Liu Ming will feel this together is not so simple and easy way, because homonym with the Department in this together is very clever, but also a lot of action linked, like a long time should have failed to come up with a satisfactory second line.Seeing the bride in the room waiting for him, Liu Ming was so anxious, but can not throw in the towel, the case must resolve to a second line, he paced side edge thinking, unknowingly came to live in their original houses.This room is between a Chase, the old scholar dedicated to cover up for auditorium use, but then another student Liu Ming and Qin East because the way is to stay away, the old scholar will take the attic in the house, let them live at the top.At this point, Qin Donggang lights asleep, listening to the footsteps outside the door, asked: Who?Liu Ming quickly replied: I.Qin East exceedingly strange, and asked him: today is a good day to you, not to accompany the bride and the bridal chamber, on here doing?Liu Ming and Qin East with the division and school, with room door, from morning till evening, love as brothers, they hide from the Qin East, said: You open the door, I met a problem.Qin East will be lit at the attic door, Liu Ming climb the attic bride put him out with things against us the truth.Qin Dong laughed: children is really a blessing, this time also thinking trouble funny, childish.He also moving from the brain to help Liu Ming, also holding the book to rummage lamp, Liu Ming also followed the book to reveal.At this point, Liu Ming had an idea, blurted out: move with chair leaning Tong Guan Yue, lighting kicking Court attack each book, the second line is this!Is this!Qin East contemplate a little one, immediately applauded: every word relative, and words of interlocking, perfect match, with good!Good of!As he applauded, while urging Liu Jin Dongfang see bright bride.Liu Ming Qin Dong Bring to have to drink to celebrate him, and said to the second line of his mind at this time of joy has been better than recent marriage.Qin East can not, out of the bed begins wine (They usually always drink and poetry), both me a glass cup you, have unwittingly drunk, then fell asleep each.To be woke up, Liu Ming found himself not in the bridal chamber, the bride immediately think of something out of it, and quickly returned to the attic and down the bridal chamber.Bridal chamber door ajar, the bride had fallen asleep, he went to the bed in the dark, the bride leaned ear: blessing children, I’m back, I’m out of your pair of second line.The bride surprised to wake up, asked him: What did you say?Liu Ming said: I am your pair of the second line: the shift chair leaning with Tong Guan Yue, lighting kicking attack each book Club.The bride sat up steeply: fishes you out, just came back?He said: I have returned.The bride said: You did not lie to me?He said: I do not lie to you, really, I slept in Qindong there, do not believe you asked him tomorrow.That just the bride paused, silently lie down.Liu Ming hurriedly asked: blessing children, how are you, my second line right or wrong?The bride say: you very well, yes, I am a little uncomfortable.Liu Ming distressed and said: That you go to sleep, I sleep.Having said fell down to sleep.The next morning, Liu Ming woke up, did not see the bed blessing children, was surprised to find his pillow with a letterhead, won a look, shocked.It turned out that the letter is a blessing child wrote: Liu brother, sister sorry for you, I should not give you the wedding night out with unseated against you, I regret closing soon, and tell you that you have not opened the door parasol tree , closing doors and so you have to.Who knows bad guys advantage of the loophole, he Chenxi forward, and learn your voice and remembered second line: lighting pedal House attack each book, go to bed around my.I was at that time you will be forced to leave, the hearts of guilt, inconvenience to say, everything will be according to his brother Liu, the young girl I’m sorry you, little sister go first, take care of hope.