Henan style bridge

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[REVIEW] Henan bridge pier, that is how a lively picture of the water Oh.Landing sails, mast everywhere, all kinds of people north from the south of the cavity, shuttle.The crew mostly from xiangyin, Miluo, just berthing, the anchor to stabilize the child, deftly packed boats, rush the floor monkey get to shore.[A] my hometown, real official written records, is Longqing three years (AD 1569), the city government office set up longevity, also known as longevity shop.At that time the town has considerable size, Jiequ accessible, shops, pavilions mixed.In the south of the hustle and bustle of this marketplace, a wandering street children are small business operators, merchants and residents of small handicraft flow, or vice versa in the streets, a good heart of the city.For longevity Street marketplace and commercial peak, at least dating back to the Yuan positive years (1352) 600 years ago, the southern Poet HU-day tour there poem “send” Friends reads: Henan bridgehead old wine in clay, wine side He has a total of song hum.Continuing frequency on high-rise buildings should be there no poets were drunk?As can be seen from the poem, the poet often sing HU-day tour to the hotel Bridge in Henan.Motosue war, hide Bingluan is the norm, when the conquest hooves slightly away, the poet again quickly came to this town, to see the extent of damage suffered by the markets, everywhere can see, River bridge, although Zhu households surviving deep Lane, still dream life, but it will bring the war to conceal the pain and devastation had was not the old appearance: old whirling expanse Zhu households, today again full of green Lufthansa.Loving ti gowns known to have been little more than teenagers have Dandyism.See light Shenxiang think diem, call the wine drunk Yi pavilion song.Only Henan water under the bridge, according to Confucian crown still Saga.In fact, most want to pay tribute to the poet that year, he and thousands of folks still admired, with a desperate warring HL teach the “old bridge Henan hero” – Fanggui Qing, the hero of the remains buried in Henan bridge.To this end, he fondly warble of a Hero of poetry masterpieces pay tribute.Sweep the tomb of the hero, the poet placed an aversion to chaos when the world of infinite yearning for a peaceful life.Henan bridge poem mentioned several times, it is out of the longevity of the South Street entrance, the one that spans both sides of the tread water Mu Banqiao.As can be seen from the poem, Henan bridge around that time, just as the North Song era painting in Bianjing capital, is undoubtedly the most bustling downtown streets longevity.Throughout the ages, cities and towns are generally along the riverside location, with the water door.In this small city near the border of Jiangxi, the non-general of the river near the town, but has an extraordinary geographical features.First she was a meeting point of land and water transportation.Let me talk about land, Ming dynasty is not spacious Guan Dao, only bending the soil along the river road loop of hair, therefore, Henan built a bridge for exchanges between the people on both sides tread water Mu Banqiao.Ya old northbound lane, the alley is the rolling green hills and fertile fields, Bridge is the total length of one kilometer of quartzite Street, all the way to the West graceful bridges.He waterways, such as the fairy camel Jingchu.Henan, a bridge where the Rideau River is called the steep, lying with a shallow hill.Standing on the summit of the hill, look to the trees Cong longevity in the street, you will be surprised to find that, from the beginning Sanjiangkou that surround interspersed in the town in three rivers, how to look like a fairy dancing in the hands of jade, glowing shiny silver shine.Town built on water development in the river branch, how will a bridge do not like Changhong.Henan Bridge, West Bridge to Bridge Shaoyang, Renshou bridges numerous bridges, become agile flying on small jade exquisite jade it.[Two] before, both wet, dry season, Miluo River estuary here to three, then to the source of the waterways of.The boat then sailed to go upstream, because the thick sand and shallow, is difficult to break feasible.Henan has become the bridge pier terminus docked ship or vice versa, according to legend Henan Bridge steep, once moored over five hundred merchant ships.On merchant ships carrying cargo to the full Dangdang, Jiangxi to go through the Official Road transport after landing, so the street longevity derived by a special ship to make a living, “Lo line”, it is to pick force foot porters.It is said that the peak longevity Street thousand root pole.Lo porters line is the management of their organization, similar to the Federation of trade associations, designed for porters were in line exclusive concern, problem-solving and support.Porters were in Henan bridge pier side, like worker ants like pick-up day from the ship, according to the employer’s request, to lug the goods to the designated place.Henan bridge pier, that is how a lively picture of the water Oh.Landing sails, mast everywhere, all kinds of people north from the south of the cavity, shuttle.The crew mostly from xiangyin, Miluo, just berthing, the anchor to stabilize the child, deftly packed boats, rush the floor monkey get to the shore, or taverns, or Street, seek seek traces incense, wine ditty, Digestion indulge in that long voyage Jiyu tired and hungry; or take early Suo holes punched all over the shore of the crowd, whether or not there is that dream in pink old lover figure, so they both meet, as the women had heart Luzhuang, under the rough bark rough sailor pair of big hands embrace, the woman had delicate boneless, can not wait to instantly dissolve in the man’s arms.Some do not keep the boat ashore man, not really understand style, they know, Henan style bridge will never let go of the exclusive companions.Since the beginning of twilight, fish lantern hung mast, who smelled of incense breath exciting moment, “sight-seeing”, will lay Smart boats in the slot, the cry prettily words, wits are not left hook, it is not life motherfucker Zhuer.Crew lust, beating understand.Just the right hands life child, discuss urgent livelihood in rapids on the way choppy, storm battles, today, tomorrow, who knows a thing Oh.A crew ashore in pockets daughter cleared, winning is Enchanting, fragrant lips and teeth.When this happens, the river, flooding into a river Sao ambiguous; Street, also flowing Grievance children wave of colorful and beautiful.Longevity Street apologists who hate yo, wait for worn teeth as sharp as a knife, a non-devouring them not.Chuanbang, natural and shore residents living with faint grievances, such as dry stacked Chaiduo, such as single splash Mars has come, will be ignited into a raging fire.Thirty-six years, finally lit the fire.This year, suffered from drought, crop failure famine, mostly poor, food-deficit needy, hungry, nest, my heart had a son undetermined origin.On this day, the street was say so, those hoarding of bullies, evil gentry must rely Chuanbang Henan bridge, the warehouse full of rice destined for foreign ports Earn Money.It will have it!Speculation, driving up the price of rice, black heart innocuous already, and now the victims stood no relief, such a wicked thing to do, a rallying cry call number to the street “curry favor with the child” and “Master P”, led by righteous, the mighty-ho Henan slid to the bridge to try to rush the boat ready to go, packed by night shining white snatch food.The two sides across the springboard to pull the sword Nu Zhang, furious battle with Chuanbang Rush, explosive.Shore residents to participate in the struggle of view, the air vent in Chuanbang children, their own truth: If there is no access unprincipled Chuanbang embrace and transportation business, unscrupulous evil gentry wanted to carry away the local people rely on food to fill its belly, but also only looked into the water disappointed, whimsical.Someone took the lead boat springboard, skipper did not back down, pick a horizontal pole, “splash”, “splash” to fall into the water one by one Qiangliang.This angered the shore residents, for a time, such as stone-like arrows to hit the cabin, the situation in chaos.At this critical juncture, the police rushed to the scene the police, trouble will lead to the arrest of the men are in.Side edge survey pretend to take urgent measures to prevent food Sinotrans.However, the ship has been installed, anchor or sail in disarray, far away from port.Curry favor with the carrier gas is not one to play that day, the day the sky, the sun is shining, he lit a dazzling white lantern, from Henan bridge, all the way closed his eyes, groped his way to the head of Xixi Town bridge, mouth from time to time shouting: “Oh this world of exceedingly dark!”Bridge River in Henan, listen to the elders speak the most is ‘light-weight trapeze’ story.Legend of the Qing Dynasty years, there is a Grand Theft Auto, to escape official hunt, longevity came running towards the direction of the county, go to the old Ya corner, afraid to cross the river south bridge, then leap across the river, one foot in the pavilion Qiu Temple Stage top, riding a bad upswept eaves, then skip flying frost Ping, hurriedly away.Ya Ping old alley to frost, straight-line distance of about 400 meters, but only with a two-step leap, the dodge how high.Legend, a child I loved to listen to.Man flying 400 meters arrogant healthy image martial arts expert, and “Longevity Palace” martial arts expert Cape Jackson with one hand, “Wu Lei palm” warships to help, Jackson & Poor equal skill, and carved Carpenter Hui’an division in Henan bridge on sandbar World war two days and nights of martial arts story, always reflect back on my dream, so I flew over the rapture, plus worship.But that’s more colorful water mirror floated touch my romantic feelings, or “floating beach” in the picture.In the upstream bridge from Henan hundred far, fast-flowing river bed has a beach, called drift Beach.Beach shore drift of loess Hom, there forty-eight stained stove.Dye house and cook dyed locally produced large cloth and silk soil, should be supported to drift to rinse Beach.Satin cloth wet woman in the water is fit flick, Kazuhiro clear Che river, it spreads Yin hues of the rainbow.Think about it, this is a wonderful watercolor volume, are there any artist can draw such a beautiful picture of the world.At this point, Henan boats River bridge, waves in the Milky Way like a painting, you will succumb linger.Seen such a scene, I wake up, “floating beach” had not called the name of the child, by rinsing labor and named after the beautiful colors.After rinsing the cloth groomed, the women will be long on canvas, or shop in the dazzling white Hezhou gravel, or take tea trees on the river bank a short ridge of the ridge, long stretches of colored cloth may spread to Henan River bridge.River wind blowing gently, fabrics while they dry up.Wind-swept pastures, egrets startled, colored cloth in the reeds in the wind slightly rolling, Meifu are busy shuttling between the trees, for fear of being blown away colored cloth; Supergraphic on tea shoot floating in the wind, river both smelled not yet been fully cleared of dye ribbons, flowing between the trees on the shore of the woman, that is more dazzling colors, against the background of two, we will have to become more beautiful contrast Henan bridge, stunning.[Three] mountain stream, easy to back up easily, a rainy season, the river Henan gold under the bridge, covered with cow dung glowing bubble, a whirlpool, a vortex avalanche.Flooding usually lasts two or three days, after the flood, tread water bridge collapse in all likelihood, very troublesome to recover.To the Qing dynasty Qianlong period, as mayor longevity Street Wu Si Si dragon and phoenix brother to discuss the concept of simple cloth With bridges and road Jide, donated the collapse of the bridge was rebuilt in Henan.Since the beginning, Wu forged a bond with the Henan bridge.It is recorded with the county Jiang Zhiping, Wu Si Long and his descendants has been rebuilt four times maintenance, repairs every charity is a virtue of clear, is a non-yielding nature, to overcome the tragic act of nature, is also a family cohesion of the people, reflect the vitality of the salary paid inheritance.In particular year Tongzhi seven years before bridgehead after the flood washed away the bridge, Wu lamented Wang bridge weep.They take the lead in post-disaster donations, all surnamed work together, pooling resources to restore this grand charity scene of the bridge, is the historian praised for this purpose had wantonly ink.Throughout the process, resulting in bridge affairs meeting of civil society organizations, GF edge of the book, and actively fund-raising, preparation for re-construction, and design and build a program once and for all.It took another three years, all the surname of donation funds, basic labor mobilization in place, the time is ripe, in the dry season, choose auspicious, select a new site, re-built a high standard of Yau Ma stone stone.Henan new bridge for the five-hole stone arch bridge, long 63.7 meters wide and 6 meters high bridge 7.5 meters, basically high street and longevity at the highest altitude.Original design, cleverly place in the contours of the sculpture of a mouth full moon Shek, placed in the center of the bridge pier positive side, like the establishment of a water level observation points.According to the myths, the “draft Shek, bridge life lasts.”.Shek eat water, the flood will turn the bridge, the bridge will be washed away at risk of longevity Street will become a vast expanse of water.But after 41 years of Qianlong built, the situation of water washed away never had.Just before liberation, in the middle of the bridge due to the built Fort eagle, one night, is life and life pressure off a.Listen to the elders say, when overwhelmed deck groaning painfully, an officer was awakened, he first snapped wake up those sleeping soldiers dead person, and later when the situation even more critical, he kicked whip, moving from crude come.But ten minutes before and after the time, the bridge will fracture.Although most of the soldiers escaped, still dead four soldiers.Later, the bridge to get a quick fix.Repair, the vehicle inventory pedestrians, to lay a trap set off the building, building and renovation in the bridge, the bridge north shore of Henan, still left a “bridgehead” building.Qianlong period, the front axle of the main project is completed, a special bridge in Henan east, west each placed a pair of tall stone lions town river beast, when two stone lions on the bridge approach year after year expansion in 1957, was shifted on its original bridge on both sides of the shore base.To Chiaki Everlasting, bridge traffic will be on the terms of stone, craftsmen, etc., through a rigorous selection of high standard; every detail of construction have a very demanding, because their predecessors had this effort, the bridge can said solid as a rock.After the liberation of the road bridge repair, Executive suspect someone of this ancient stone arch bridge, meets the requirements of modern transportation, engineering and technical personnel fuss, specially on the bridge were from various aspects such as load carefully measured, the results fully in line with the technical indicators , the need to re-build a new bridge, just one meter each widen sidewalks on both sides of Henan bridge, reinforced concrete railing, then all OK.Now Henan bridge, busy during the day, at night the lanterns, bright lights on the bridge.Summer, Henan bridge has become the best place for dating, and staged a number of pink “Love Dream bridges”.Underneath it?Inland waterway boats have already quit the stage of history, this period of Miluo River boat dwellers also disappeared, “floating beach”, the country has long been in the construction of small hydropower frenzy era, he erected a hydroelectric dam bar, now has not abandoned the.Colorful beach drift no longer look like the past, the river, the banks of Colored Ribbons breathtaking sight that photo, Zhang full sails, weigh anchor set sail water picture, have become a nostalgic dream.Can this colorful era, red orange yellow green green blue purple, plus longevity street that special pink seductive woman, wherever, will make you dazzle, Xin Jing swaying, not their own.[Editor: Can children]