Henan villagers

管理 / 2019-04-13

Weekends, and the horse went to the Yellow River resort folk songs. Into the broad plaza, Emperors Yan and Huang magnificent, broad artistic effect is stunning.The entire cast melt Yellow River, loess, Yanhuang Culture as one of the three, reminiscent of the Chinese long history and splendid culture, more people appreciate our ancestors symbiosis with the earth, with mountains in the same, and the sun and the moon Qi Hui glorious image. Riding a cable car climbing slowly rising, came Yuwangtai.Overlooking the Yellow River water quietly meandering line, from afar, to go the distance, along with the accumulation of mud muddy flood, like a yellow ribbon dancing on earth.Looked into the distance, then left the Japanese built road bridge has long been discarded, leaving only the plug on dirt in a row of piers still faintly visible.Near the Beijing-Guangzhou railway bridge EMU roaring in the distance can not see where there are several good wide road bridge, carrying countless vehicles or vice versa. Perhaps the reason the season, looked like a small amount of water of the Yellow River, it is difficult reminiscent of past flood even to devour countless lives, obliterated large village.To this end, exhausted a lifetime of effort and the number of people with lofty ideals of life, even the great man Mao Zedong will stand on top of Mangshan looking at the surging river, concern and firm when it comes; do a good job must take the Yellow River! Among the infinite scenery, we walked to see and chat.Suddenly, the horse said he participated in a training when the class teacher said to be afraid to Henan, Henan too can be the cause of urging people to drink, that they never give up the drink is high! I said with a smile, he really did not understand the Henan people’s history, we have experienced a lot of poverty and vicissitudes of life, but we never lose their responsibility and enthusiasm, the best thing to come home to the best of our efforts Chihaohehao to let friends and family at home, even though we are impoverished!But we were too tired Henan flexible, and in the need to rely on more exercise and appetite to find the appetite of the times, our passion is inevitable burden to the people, people come to complain!(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) Who knows the horse said, so far more than!Do not you think we now bear more responsibility, but it came to a bunch of speculation, misunderstandings, rumors and even slander it? I fell into a deep meditation, staring at the side of the Yellow River, expect her to tell me the answer. “Jiuzhai Basics of Global Water”, “Semiotic”, “rolling in the Yangtze River eastward” .Maybe I know little about, I really Caishuxueqian, my mind could not actually find a moment so beautiful poem to praise the Yellow River.Yes ah, you look at that muddy face and told me what to say?”Yellow River water to the sky, the sea Pentium to keep interest rates” inverted quite imposing, but it seems very rampant? But you do not forget your responsibility for your face!You entrained sediment out of large tracts of fertile alluvial land, and some have become vast wetlands where migratory birds of paradise, heaven’s ecology, playing the harmonious movement!Some became farming farmland, here is the land of plenty, raising the Chinese people, full of infinite hope!Regardless of that misunderstanding guess, what this rumor slander care, regardless of the sun and moon change, regardless of the changing times, you will use your milk selflessly nurture us, help us grow liberally! Henan and even our nation it not so, burdened with heavy “sand” came from ancient times, although endured untold suffering and humiliation, but it has created numerous outstanding sons and daughters, had a profound civilization and culture forefront, leading us forward high-spirited, constantly ahead of the times! In fact, as long as building a dam, or dig a pit, the introduction of the Yellow River water to go, she will soon be off the sediment, restore her true colors, becomes clear translucent sting. Perhaps you should really look at the rest. Yellow River, the great mother, I will always love you!Although you tired face, he suffered a lot, but your blood flowing always in my heart! Henan, regret and homeland, I have been sentimentally attached to you!It is so vibrant, thriving, how can you not put affectionately longing for you! Horse, my dear fellow, I always worried about you!Fear that loess covered, walks with difficulty, as long as we work together very strong!