Hengshui Lake Acacia

管理 / 2019-04-15

Sunny spring day, drove Hengshui Lake, the vast lake, blue water, fishing for the elderly, such as weaving of visitors, it is refreshing, people great joy.    Shore grass green, near Lake bonus, my sentimental heart Fengyun also in this warm air more sensitive, so the spring breeze, the lake shore spread countless Acacia.    Overflowing lake, softly rippling in the wind a little drunk, diffuse out of the countless ripples, like a heart surging tenderness.Said calm water, natural water that how much time it is stationary?Even feel the wind, the lake water will rise and fall slightly, as the heart from outside interference, as there will be ups and downs mind.    Spring, the lake shore, Acacia and green at the same time with this spread, dip in the spring of Hengshui Lake water, the lake has become extremely affectionate.    Warm spring, the water shines not just this gorgeous flowers, more eyes are staring at the lake, it is suffused with a boundless tenderness, it is the expectation of a fairy tale.Spring, with thousands of style, blowing gently, like a passionate call, aroused Acacia, which is a warm clear water lake, just fit the tenderness of the hearts of ups and downs.    Grass, blooming flowers near the water, and the water aura, whether more enchanting than anywhere else?Ying Huarong water, because water flower Johnson.Cover green shore, by the water moisture, whether or not there is a delicate?Lake spring tour and enjoy the flowers and plants pity that people children.Spring flowers, such as water, like Yang Kai Acacia, Acacia fell on the people children, careful to dress up, it is not spring in bloom?Youth is more beautiful than spring, Acacia heart, looking forward to smile surprise, expect to be another one soulful heart collection, look to the depths of time looking eyes can pull a long-lost figure.Under standing flowers, the water, “take personally matched,” but it is Lianhua saw people, but not people take pity!Looking to the lake for a long time, again and again to return the boat you return false consciousness, not the passage of time so that memory distortion, but deep thoughts nowhere to release, only to find temporary storage places.Acacia near the water, because the water and exceptionally lingering.    Acacia flowing in the lake, but in the end to be taken away by the water, just like the petals falling in the water.Chun did not go, flowers have to thank, not only back to wandering residue.A one color, but also keep the branches of rich and gaudy, it is by the water.To take a closer look, it is still blooming in water, not the petals, dolphin Tears ah!Acacia petals due to the load, it becomes heavy, will not have ups and downs residue.PASSING such as time, quietly away in floating Acacia petals, will soon be gone with the seasons.Shore stands still, breath smelling water, float a touch of melancholy, it is the taste of Acacia.The flow of water through the ages, carrying how many Acacia?The distant stream to flow to, flow ends of the earth, how much she once reach the Acacia?Sparkling water waves, in the end how many thoughts dissolve, every wave is so another curved?Who wrote it off my chest in water in the fold, but did not affix a stamp, so for thousands of years, the water seal some secret, always read out by the wind at the time of loneliness.    Drunk in the spring, leaning on the shores of the lake, listen to the lake about a distant story.How many underwater by the water looking eyes?Their Acacia is precipitated with water scent of ink, for thousands of years has been flowing in the yellowed pages in, I do not know how many people have been streaming into the heart, it is interpreted as the number of versions, which only Acacia lake waves.This soft water, not just hold up the tender, as well as Monkey’s pride, as well as deep sadness.Just the ups and downs of the spring breeze ripples, folds not heavy, just smoke or fog Acacia, just as the sun mixing a water vapor, Acacia taste, light melancholy taste.    Lake rippling blue waves, waves that are becoming gradually deep in the spring, and took it and never miss Kuse, through endless time, leaving it touching story!