管理 / 2019-04-17

I struggled really beautiful spring it fell into the dark heart of the world have been drawn in the mud in a section of empty field for that long-planned romantic thoughts began to frantically germination time hiding in the depths of dreams and season flows slowly from the bottom of my heart through the night listening to the flowers and sing the best I insisted on a bustling Pitt umbrella suffused dew leafless curl standing wave heart to find his dream has grown branches summer night dream of turning themselves into thinking hibiscus flower heart suddenly peel petals stretch sight who want to catch the moonlight I was proud of how the wind was purely a thought comes a secret to a drop bunched up under water ripples swing to spend the autumn sun remained silent despite the relentlessly self-esteem grabbed shake fall immense dream quietly dying in the winter pond repeat itself in the long ah confused silence still have pulled constant care