Chinese medicine how to treat corns corns five methods farewell

管理 / 2018-04-14

Take Liushen 6, the affected area first cleaned and disinfected, with a knife cuts off the surface of the stratum corneum, soaked in 1% saline for 25 minutes, then the drug research to fine, vinegar into a paste, coating the affected area, tape fixed dressing three days, once every to more。 Treatment of corns remedies 1, celery leaves celery leaves washed Corn governance, shape into a small, rubbed corn, the date when the leaf juice to dry。 Daily 3?4 times a week corns ie absorption, suffering from foot intact。 2, treatment of corns cool oil several times a day to cool oil coated on the corn, and then lit a cigarette to BBQ, let cool oil soluble penetrated into corn。 Treatment for some time, corns naturally fall off, leaving no trace。 3, evergreen leaves open the affected area first treatment corns with light salt in warm water, a knife slashing the old skin, and then take the appropriate amount of evergreen leaves, washed, mash and apply the affected area, gauze and tape securely, 2, for a change, three times more。
4, onion slices will cure corns foot corns washed with water, take the old one onion, near the site to be cut into thin slices, onion slices attached to the corn, and then tape fixed 24 hours for once onion slices, to Corn off。
5, how TCM leek Corn Corn governance rule take leek (with stem root) little, washed, chopped, coating the affected area。
once a day。 10 days effective。 The ginger may also be set to the affected area, self-corns off the next day。 6, treatment of corns dill dill Hu Hu, also known as mother sewing kit。
In the stems and leaves are rich in milky juice。 Fresh dill Hu vine leaves or stems broken milky liquid coated on corn, 1 day, 5?10 corn can dry off。 7, buckwheat noodles buckwheat noodles 30 g Corn rule, a water chestnuts (mash), water was added and absorbed, at Corn deposited with cloth tied useful roots aligned by this side falls twelve days。