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管理 / 2019-04-28

I like to sit quietly in a corner of the bookstore reading a favorite novel or poetry or prose, the article will often be moved to tears Ying Ying’s story, and each time will go threw the book’s plot, quietly look, think quietly, while looking in the book knowledge to supplement their superficial and inadequate.While looking for wisdom in the book, looking for a lifetime of regret and dreams.—— Inscription childhood I like reading books, especially those literary books is love.  I remember in 2083 I picked up the junior high school two years older than my brother Wei Bin literary friends, he was very introverted and simple man of few words.At that time I did not know Shajiao pure literature, and he will mention literary chatterbox open Taotao we do not, I will always give some of the great writer’s story.Also from him I knew Gorky’s “My world, my university,” and Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables”, poetry of Pushkin and Shakespeare opera and Ba Jin’s “home” Lao She’s “Teahouse” Zhao Shuli “small two black marriage “Zeng’s” blood sacrifice “and so on, as well as” war and peace, “” resurrection, “” Jane Eyre, “” how the steel was Tempered “I like to see all books.He used to buy books recognized by the provincial Jane eat, later also sent me a lot of world famous, but then I do not know how to cherish, some of those books I give it away to some loss of home, and now the only memorial is a Hugo’s “Les Miserables world, “the.Later we lost contact with Weibin brother, and later heard that he had a very good, made in Qinghai inserted down the door, also published a number of prose works, but we do not always link.I always forget the original literature teacher, is seen and heard since then the pleasure of reading and enrich the joy of literature.  Now, even though I still rural women cook, carry hoe rake, ground field around the house, the stove up and down busy, spare time and no other hobbies, such as watching TV, playing mahjong, a facial cosmetic supermarket these I do not like it, not from eating contaminated worn comparisons.The only favorite is reading, as long as there must be a good book on the bed, but also to look at even when the day is not the time to read a few pages just went to bed at night to sleep.Feel that this method is considered to live a full and perfect.  I am the person somewhat stingy, not willing to spend money to buy expensive books, not willing to buy nutritional supplements or good clothes, their face is extremely harsh, a few dollars a bag of cream wipe dry face as long as the nerve is not tight Pakistan is not dry on the bin.Unlike some of the village women who like to buy expensive cosmetics spend a few hundred dollars, the entire face several times a day unwinding ordered, described the repair eyebrow eyes, a thick paste of cream on his face, but also painted lips and nails, a cosmetic shop have time to go to do maintenance massage, and some sexy excessive.A spiritual person is alive, as long as the spirit does not fall, heart forever young.  They live young, still can not stop the years of old.They say a woman should start their own ruthless point, spend money on youth.I do not oppose their views do not blending, I’m not going to spend that money wasted, at least I think it was money wasted, left and right three three-paste face white powder, the essence of the nutrients, which makes the face Shen human protein, as if just out of the hospital, a sickly lack of sunshine favored health.In particular, that a yellow red hair is eye-popping endless.Now the hair is fashionable, everywhere, of all ages.I head to the hair out of tune with them, as if I was born in the old society, the old ideas are moldy.I really behind the times, or the times I abandoned the?Anyway, I am very soil, a soil old hat on.But I think the best natural beauty.  Every time I go to the market will pay attention to small roadside bookstall, whenever tweeter heard shouting: the book sale, book sale, and three five yuan, ten yuan two, and Clearance process, come buy ah, date is not waiting.I heard’ll quickly in the past, not many onlookers, not many books.Books immediately looked at a lot of mess heart joy, some beggars cold not choose clothes, pick and pick, picking up and then picked, are favorite books.Also was secretly expect too: These books are my how wonderful?But seeing that they could not bear expensive but also hundred dollars, and then screened again, and had to give up a little bit and spend tens of dollars to buy a home a shopping bag book, although some distressed money but doubled seems, is elated, Enron got from.  So continue to buy books, deposit books, the family finally bookcase full, plus the son of accumulated books, which makes the house, closet with books.The house is someone’s home flavor floral flavor perfume, I was in the house in addition to scholarly scholarly, books became my home fashion furnishings.  Because it is not willing to spend money to buy expensive books, when I see those famous or favorite book, feeling shy bladder always found heaved a sigh Hush a want and not regret condensation brow, lamented that her a silly.Reading has become a necessary habit, a good habits to develop over time is to rely on, and add up, pooling resources with the passage of time on the day inseparable.  This is not like a supermarket recently I have frequented the largest and most prosperous county in the underground shopping plaza, where not only goods of all kinds, Huaguang flowing color, and people such as injection, steady stream.Crowded crowded pay to pay the full shoppers, shopping malls seem that some noisy, noisy.  I went shopping there is not, nor is it fun to watch, but like a corner where an underground mall, there is a less prominent place in the area immediately adjacent non-staple food of the iceberg: [love of books to read free zone].That place is free to read my nostalgia and forget frequented places to eat.The reading area although there is no free flow of people crowded busy area of non-staple food, but also from people coming and going non-stop.Room to Read all kinds of books that are very comprehensive, dazzling, encompasses a variety of species, each of these is love of good books on the shelves they are being constantly open new book.In every corner of the bookstore is also a fan of long chairs for people to read the rest, there is a row of small corner table and a small bench, which gave the children reading to bring the convenience and rest.House hanging in the air, one after another color tip: book lovers bookstore, please take good care of books, if damaged, according to the price compensation.In this prompts one side there was the colored fonts banners: [reading a good book, add a room scholarly].Such elegant environment is very warm, there are so many innocent readable books money really is not a good place, but also to those who really want to read but can not afford to read books provide a good place, where there were so many people patronize.  I like to sit quietly in a corner of the bookstore reading a favorite novel or poetry or prose, the article will often be moved to tears Ying Ying’s story, and each time will go threw the book’s plot, quietly look, think quietly, while looking in the book knowledge to supplement their superficial and inadequate.While looking for wisdom in the book, looking for a lifetime of regret and dreams.I know my age to have the opportunity to read a few good books, especially rural women are scarce, I think in the future we do not learn to read is not no chance, because the time is not a poor woman and sunset to sunset stopped, middle-aged people, ah, middle-aged people everything off, there is the last crimson sunset, did not trying to do the best of it, trying to give his last rest of his life less leave some regret it.I thought the book on the past life of buried dreams and I hope this world, since it is not willing to buy expensive books, some of it here Lou greed, infatuation Some, like hungry people rushed on the bread to put some of it.  This free book store is like a river leading to hope, my scholarly ferry to paradise.Reading, for me is a happy thing.  [Two] today a rare weekend off duty, I went underground mall book lovers Free Room to Read, read a book store to go through a cloth doll pet area, in that one of different naive form a lovely pet a hanging rack cabinet another eye-catching red paper that read: I am afraid of dirty, do not touch me.I really admire the boss’s ideas, but some of the children could not help cats and dogs will win touch, kiss, enjoying enough to put it back, I will be pleased to go through every fancy glances, always going to secretly admire, these pets work good, too realistically.  Into the reading area, I saw here already gathering in adults and children, like they are holding a good selection of books to read with, very quiet here, no one spoke.Even those children are also around a small table in silence, quiet reading, excellent atmosphere here.I also saw some of my age men and women who sit in the corner while reading a book while holding a small book is written quickly, needless to say are not willing to buy books of primary.  I picked up a “Chinese prose featured” no place to sit after and began to read, I was always wanted to do in this House is nice boss, not to make money but desperately in which a boss that today’s materialistic break the brains to think of it.The owners do a free reading book store in the shopping plaza for what?Each time here never saw someone buy books, only to see someone reading a book, and now most books do not make money is not the most profit, she or he in the end for what?It is to love it?And there is no fixed staff to look after, depends on conscious, but each time the books are placed here very neat, messy signs of the first day was gone, who is in the care of these?Speculation owned by speculation, I have great respect for this House or the owner moves, he or she such action is for the people and good things, not known for doing a good thing for the people not for profits.  House crowd or do you come to me, and onward.Just when everyone quiet reading, fierce heard a woman yelled at a small boy, because it is too quiet here, this woman’s loud voice a bit harsh: see you, Wazi naive, I do not know why the sound of pee?The book also wet, which is to bring back the lost money, you know?Having children is a slap in the body, the little boy will look like three or four, his mother was a burst of intimidation have been scared panic panic, Wa Wade cry.At this time has caused a lot of people gathered in the woman’s eyes, and I looked up in the past, the woman dress is very simple, some dark cheeks, see at a glance the village down to read with women in the city.Now many rural women do read along, regardless of days gone bad, the city sent their children to school, even in kindergarten but also into the city, not just the poor quality of teaching in the countryside or in the city’s schools attractive, today, more and more children or delicate, and now anyway rural migrant children go to school, which has become a social phenomenon today, it is recognized earn more expensive but also into the city each week, all that the city is a child the end of the land, the temptation of the city, ah, everybody can not resist.  The woman also in spite of the cries of children, to the chagrin of the face of a wet early childhood books take up, wiping carefully with his sleeve.At this time, a burly middle-aged man wearing a sweater came from the side, touch the child’s head very gently said: all right, do not cry children, rest assured, this book will not let you take the money for compensation.The woman a turn anger to joy, very surprised and asked: You said the count?That middle-aged man said: Well, I’m the boss here, of course I said the operator!After listening to his words, not only the woman a look of gratitude even these people are very surprised to read around and looking at the man, and maybe we do not know who the owner is free Random House?Also have never seen the boss, the boss is anyone’s guess Shayangzi?So this middle-aged man is the boss, whose bulk surpassed that ye look nothing like the boss and lasting bonds of books, see ye not think that he is the owner of Random House.Everyone is very admired, and also looked at the boss just happened with admiration eyes.  That peasant woman was very grateful to the boss said again and again: I forgot to bring money today, did not optimistic about the children, really sorry.That middle-aged man said: okay, next time pay attention on the line.Middle-aged man to get the child wet the books on the shelves to the side, and then disappeared into the crowd where nothing like.Big guys all know that hanging banners here: damage to the books, according to the price compensation.And the owner has no claim to the woman but also to comfort her and the children, although this is reflected in the book more than ten dollars, but it is also a kind and caring soul sublimation.Everyone’s attention back to admire and are watching their favorite books, and here began a quiet day.Although this is a small episode, but I increasingly admire from the owner of Random House came.  He is the boss, do not plan name is not for profit, to vote to spend money to do this free book store is not doing a good thing people see you?His generosity and heart are worth a lot of people admire this talent is a model of the times is the pride of the era ah!I also love all the more here.  Room Shaoguang short, the book long sun and the moon.In the House, my mood was walking on air, Yanjuan meditation, since ancient times, the book house of gold, a beautiful woman in the book, so make the ages of the students who work hard, love books like life.But life is a book, some people, though not a hero but his air cover some tiny enough to make people read what attitude of appreciation.How do the people left deep footprints in extraordinary day?How do from the ordinary or extraordinary insights it?Really, just like the boss here, a subtle but won the respect for charity.Random House and signs like: Read a good book, add a room scholarly.  Sometimes, watching a man should not look at his face, but the heart.This day is achieved through harvest, understand, wake up, I’m not feeling the merciless years, but in this tranquil corner of, flying soul!Here scholarly overflowing floor, where warm overflowing floor.