Hero dream

管理 / 2019-04-30

A child, everyone has their own heroic dream!Can dream sword rivers and lakes, punish evil and evil forces, distress the poor, to make contributions.Into rivers and lakes, the case of a chance encounter, Fiat allies and enemies, easygoing, romantic chic.Since men want to be a hero, I hope to be able to save distress, to turn the tide, a rallying cry, should those gathered.Woman woman naturally do, they can expect traveled north and south, viewing the endless scenery, the most important is to have a hero, accompanied by wandering, to the heart, to the God, an impulse, even Longtanhuxue, to visit it was also a!    Some people like smooth and slick, articulate, a great deal of Yan Fu Wei Xiaobao, some people like justice Ling Ran, mind wide Xiao Feng, some people like chic romantic, Wu Gongzhuo absolutely Lu Xiaofeng; some people like bohemian, but in reality feeling rich cases without false hair of the third overall pick small Li Fei Xunhuan knife; some people like to really Emotion, Xiaoling courage to pursue true love; Xiaoshiyilang thief, wise teaching Wuji, bow Condor Guo Jing, Yang Guo Shen Diao heroes.Since ancient times, man’s world, you can not live without a woman, hero becomes a prisoner, quirky, importune Huang Rong; Zhao resourcefulness; lovely awful tough Azi; witty, natural obsequiousness Xue small hairpin; temper pungent, lingering charm wind Siniang.We were brought up to worship them, find common ground themselves from them, or put themselves in the hands of those romantic and glamorous personage.We always wanted to grow up quickly, to leave their parents, away from home, to go wherever they went, from small rooted in the hearts of heroes dream!    I was one obsessed molecule.I especially like the poet Li Bai, but not only because of his talent aspect, with romantic feelings, created many well-known poems, but also because he was a superb warrior sword.Xi Li Bai fifteen fencing, good injustice, fencing from access.He was twenty-four That sword Travel, opened his legendary life.The great Wanderers with his feet and poetic writing Datang rich landscape swept his large, Sturm und Drang, so Dongting Yanbo, Chibi situation, Quiet Night Yuanti, mighty rivers, all of a sudden flying up.In the poem, the poet Smart flying, heroic aspect, like the clouds of heaven; he fugue octupole, free ride, horses like the Mercedes-Benz on the wilderness.In the poem, the poet secular dust swept away completely recovered his fairy attitude: poor on their lives under the blue sky.His romantic, madness, love and hate, loneliness and pain, dream and waking, his pride loyalty, his wandering, all went up to the extreme.”Three cups of spit pledge, the saying down of light”, “ten steps to kill one person, thousands of miles without leaving the line,” Li Bai seen a very high regard for Ranger.According to some statistics: Bai’s sword mentioned in the poem on the word at a hundred, a hundred throughout his first poems, enough to explain his fondness for fencing!    In the heroic dream of breeding, we look forward to grow up, grow, and we have gradually realized the reality of society did not we think of the good!Those that exist only in novels or plays in the martial arts.Real life is full of hardships, frustration, pain, we need to run around for the basic necessities of toil.Under the weight of life, unwittingly been gathering dust in childhood hero dream memories.Or even cease to exist, disappeared!    No matter what kind of people are in the era, will be full of talents, achievements big business.So our hero complex should not be abandoned, hero dream should not be gathering dust.We should always keep the dream hero in the chest, from time to time alert own, fllowmeheart, not vertical big business success, also worthy of my heart, mind calm!    Life a hundred years a few today, not pity today.Aspect real man known to the world, when the jokes, Swordsman, pointing country, but myself?Do not confused, do not hesitate, do not wander in, and do not lost, hurry up, let the hero dreams illuminate the road ahead of us, to create their own piece of blue sky, there is a wealth of brilliant, gorgeous colorful life!!