Heroes and beauty together can only become mortal

管理 / 2019-05-01

He had 20 minutes of time, wrote to her reputation: If there is a new woman, beautiful and wandering, but also charming and confused, and leisurely and good, and sad and sexy, not understandable and incomprehensible.Written by none other than certain, that she Terry Hu, every word aroma.Ultimate perfection!  Li Ao life haughty, there are talented but often unsuccessful, and his affair continued, reading countless beauty.He is a cultural movers and shakers and Terry Hu, Caiqihengyi writer, self-proclaimed Superman, My Lover; is a movie star, beauty and talent is superb, open personality, a man of many dreams.They take a first gear, outsider, can be matched in a contest the event was good.They can hit the marriage lasted only three months, he broke down.  First meeting with Terry Hu Xiao Meng Li Ao is able Gardens Park home, it may be able to Xiao Meng’s intentional, because legend Terry Hu would like to get to know Li Ao.According to Terry Hu later recalled: he was dressed very conservatively, the ratio of the two arms of some shorter, the hand is also smaller than the average man, the whole seems a little feminine qualities.I was wearing a cotton robe of a pale lime green, light with big feet, even wearing slippers.Li Ao all night staring at my feet look, and later learned that he was a little foot fetish.  Not every few days, Li Ao took Terry Hu Jinlan Building, home to experience his one hundred thousand books.Two people sitting on the sofa chatting, according to Terry Hu said: Li Ao suddenly, kissed me, and put the head angle is straight, he forgot his head was crooked little kissing the job.There was a girlfriend Li Ao, Li Ao said to her: I still love you one hundred percent, but now comes a one thousand thousandths, so you have to temporarily avoid what.He gave former girlfriend 2.1 million yuan, and sent her to the United States.  They have deeply loved!Every morning she opened his eyes, some neat bedside to them the newspaper, a cup of hot tea and a cup of hot milk.That he was ready for her, clean and warm.She would also like to bring him joy, he jumped in front of her own invention witches dance, if lightly butterfly.But such a sum of band did not last long, with two independent personality because people will start arguing trivial life forever.  She likes to walk barefoot on the ground, he reacted strongly, that the gray and black soles for him is simply an immoral offense.Another time, she and interest to cook pork ribs soup pot for him, but because they do not know the ribs need to thaw, but he did not call common sense moron.  To grow old with him, she went to the temple to burn incense, she followed her pointing monk, put coins in the foot of the bed to keep lasting marriage; he is very disgusted with this, as the practice is classified as a pack of lies, prompting she pouted say, from this incident, I see that you are not really love me.  Terry Hu said later that Li Ao is not able to bow in front of a woman who.These shifting alliances, innumerable twists and turns, is intended either deep passion, eventually had to break up.  The moment he shook my hand, and I suddenly felt very clearly, palms still have feelings.She said tears to the time of divorce.Many years later, he still remembered her just showered, naked body out of the bird holding Siamese cat and the cat in my arms and kissed and pro scene.He said with deep feeling: This is my life, to see who the most beautiful cat picture.  They, a country with Sima Qian, Wen Tianxiang blood and tears stained the kind of generosity is too busy, do Chuqiu calm beauty in style; one is just full of drama, there is also magic is also true romantic.So beloved is a perfect match, the thinking forever, mended, accidentally, edge to make wake up.  For some reason, perhaps the language of her sad phrase it: Idol is only suitable for a distance, once living under the same roof, all trivial truth will be exposed in the eyes of cohabitants neither hero nor beauty only mortals live.In this regard, we can only sigh sigh.