管理 / 2019-05-03

Time is passing by footsteps.    Shilaiyunzhuan is a turning point in the fate of these herald the beginning of this life.    As we are winning at the starting point of the line may be unable to move forward into the loss of life as a new life for the life I have also stood tall corner thinking about the way of life of a man who struggled to run in the school playground cried in grief there are always laugh my heart was not abiding law-abiding so I wasted several youth scene recall If people feel heartbroken I wish I could go back eighteen years old youth again hope that the resultant long been lost already lose.Nightlife network of youth singing songs looking at the crowded cities of the people I work hard in this city lost a little lost sometimes had their choice of a wrong choice it seems that the choice is always ruined his life.    Another touch of summer has passed pace of the fall has quietly arrival of autumn has arrived it is this season always makes people feel happy sad people happy is sad Qinliang weather is not happy half.    Ending life tends to sprinkle salt into the soul of the people in the time of grief wound more people the more severe pain, every pain I think life would be struggling to forget him to pass the time I chose It was more favorite sport to run those through the ages to forget.    When the crushing memory of youth, I often think of the mother’s face that I would lose even more original pro because I chose to insist on the road of youth.    Perhaps the word mother will always be in my blood roll will never forget, my friend’s heart I want to hear your voice I do not know you are away from home all right past few years we have graduated several years, leaving only the QQ no contact with each other and seem to become lonely strangers if one day we can meet in the network you want rustic then you looked at me telling me about your voice.Open Network know September 3 Victory Day parade this is the day I will wait and see but I still chose to seem more melancholy sadness mountains to the young themselves out of breath; is followed by the annual Mid-Autumn Festival Elixir of Love loved ones this holiday if possible and I will be a member of the family a day.    No days of his youth there will be no loss of their own do not own will be no loss of youth, youth and security in the loss of life so life seems to be so, and youth who are not confused youth who without hesitation.    I hope that the youth are not anxious, I hope we find the coordinates of life of youth.This is perhaps the greatest comfort to yourself, please do not bid farewell from us anxious, anxious to bid farewell to the era of youth with permanent marks to smile.