Hexi Swank

管理 / 2019-05-06

Weak high and consistent sky, a sight the other side of the willow, the dream back sand and fog, landscape painting Camel everywhere, Qilian the Silk Road thousands of years, the wind and the trail evergreen!This has, different style, different paintings, different people, the heart likewise.Tieji knife Ming Hun blood, hope to recover the Central Plains rivers, the heart does not change, the same love, heaven and earth sun and the moon around the earth, the picturesque landscape poetry Chiaki!  Gray next door, the ancient trail, river corridor!Smoke in the desert north four, five river sunset Huzhou.Although Xu Jun died in pride, through the ages Toil eternal youth, according to an ancient and modern loyalty.Dimens one thousand a hero, the Central Plains no longer stay away from home.Wind sword domain, the cradle of history, also here also!  Central Aviva Hawker, fostering new literary west.Jiangshan Sheng, Sheng in culture; west Xing Xing in culture!Guo Yu Sheng shake refers to the literary world, students also asked TEACHERS Ming!Cloud here also, the old west frontier thing, Wenchang Saibei pass a pulse, the fact of all knowledge, the situation in future Apprentice!Cheung Yunfu tide, around the Qilian Purple.Cloud: Pearl Northwest race Hirakawa, famous Buddhist universally far, small Silk Road city, new figures Vientiane!Different times, things are different, Bandung prosperity heart likewise, celebrate Carnival!Wenchang Takenori, the literary prosper.The wind here, Lung flowers, Huari Xiangyun world Chang, a hundred things on behalf of the new wave of literature!Also here also!  Tianchang There southeast, northwest years of love.No southern town Flows, Kyoto Imperial rich gas, rainy ripening rice flower!But Hu day in August that is snow, the thrill of climbing a thousand miles long snow drift.Frontier desert, Long on the Jiangnan.Uncertain wind, snow early Qing, rolling mountains; Danxia scenery spend ten thousand, wetland birds from the chaos Xiang, horse Millennium Chi battlefield, Kyushu fun wins.Not the old days, the situation is difficult absolutely, with no drunk; endless wind Tianshui, Dingxi Long eternal peace, Longnan scenery is magnificent, the Lanzhou center is unchanged, the silver screen tent Wuwei United States, Frontier South is west, eight hundred sunset dreams people, gold is the ancient city of Zhangye!Miya, delighted me, alas unchanged Kazuya!  Southern town water garden, fruit of blades fly a thousand mountains, clouds Bumei, flower tears, universally Wan farmland west!Camel flying from all industries, silk flying around the clouds, mountains dance Galaxy irrigation unhappy, Qilian snow farmhouse!Enchanting flower blooming, Man of Blood is south, west valiant Fu, military strategy Jiangshan love!Sun and the moon turn left, right, dance events, foot Sabina, head of the Quartet, the song “Seduction” world situation, look around his sword to open the corridor, the north wind volume discount Herbs, Trees plum flower!Since their love and Smoke, smoke signals Blackwater country love.Yo village northwest love, sweet faint west wind!When clear, the wind think, and finally tears!  Yangliuqing mountains, peach blossoming Baiyun Mountain, kept empty mountains sun rose, Hexi their love flow!For the tears flow, the eye is not closed, where time and space sigh clear sky, joys and sorrows of human love, laughing off the dust from the dust, rain west of the same sky, the same day of ups and downs, great country of mountains and rivers of tears!Hexi also, corridors, style also, the same also!  Rose beautiful and fragrant flowers open bucket, empty sigh ASE Rose, Rose narrow weak branches, more than peony tears spring.Peony Pavilion leaves barren, garden Chrysanthemum White Moon cream, hibiscus weeping dew Pandan laugh, blossom sunny open.Dichotoma Fu hundred pro teardrop emerald, pear rain in March incense, flowers also, evergreen, pine nuts also off the northwest love also, Fu also Hexi!US peace.  Blue sky, the Silk Road, beautiful blaze of glory days, Saibei light wind, Chang Chang hundred days, everything Xin Xin.Then the wind came from the rain, this time the new moon!Sing love south, northwest spectrum song, poetry Fu west!Hexi children, Morningstar reason shortage foul with Wo month in addition to return, Yang picturesque landscape, given the traditional feelings, praising German fashion.Old people joking years old, was the new Metro new universe, vertical scenery is good foreign land, wandering memorable Hometown!Yan Chi Parenting News home country, peaches and plums spring garden gardener, fish big splash questions bang, scenery Herbs Hin City Buildings!  US West, strong west.