Hey, I’m not eating mud of fools

管理 / 2019-05-07

16-year-old Aaron Voss Willingham living in Las Vegas.He’s just born with congenital spinal schizophrenia, from 3 years old to rely on a wheelchair.Every time I see little friends run around, chasing each case, Aaron can not help but smile admired.Aaron was 8 years old the first time, he also hard to rotate from their own wheels, to participate in the chase, enjoy the passion to bring the speed on the grass, can go through a little steep when the powerful inertia to make his wheelchair out of the ground, direct flight out, the results of both man and wheelchair fell to the ground unable to move, so that this situation aside little friends laugh doubled up, have laughed out loud he said: Hey!You see, there was a gnawing mud of fools!Aaron’s mother quickly ran over, put him back on the wheelchair, then warned him not to do so, when his mother pushed him to leave, Aaron never speak, but his heart has been immersed in the kind of speed and off the fun, although that is very short very short take-off!Since then, people often see him gallop fast turning wheels on the grass, he would deliberately rush of some gentle slopes or mounds, enjoy the kind of take-off from the ground, every time he would cheer loudly in the park, gradually, he start or not satisfied with the gentle slope of the mound on the grass, extreme sports came to the training ground, and those sports fans sprint gallop together, with the gentle slope on the field began to pursue a more thrilling.At first, because of his strength and speed control is not good, not smooth landing, often fall and get bruises.For a long time after that, the scars never disappear from him before, but in the end, he can perfectly control the balance of the floor, while he himself celebrate, but also to further improve his asked him to take off in the that brief moment, the completion of a difficult action backflip!Experienced numerous times fell, experienced numerous injuries, even experienced numerous concussions, when 12-year-old Aaron, he was finally able to complete this difficult action backflip in a wheelchair, to be in a wheelchair the first person to complete a back flip, is currently the world’s only a man, and was named to the Guinness Book of World records in the year.In 2013, he created a backflip twice the performance, the perfect break his own record!Aaron is now highly skilled people with supplies is a US company spokesperson, have enjoyed popularity all over the world, a hero of the hearts of many wheelchair users, many people specially came from far away to learn from him, there are many children with disabilities are no longer complaining about fate, he began to fall in love with their own wheelchair Aaron his own actions tell everyone: to take off, it must not be afraid to throw pain, no one can say ‘impossible’ to you, everything that you own!