管理 / 2019-05-08

Netherlands, refers to the lotus, also known Handan.Zhou had “mud, but not dyed, Zhuo Qinglian without demon” with a poem to praise her.In my eyes she has “Natural beauty carving” the share of natural beauty Qingxin.Roufeng reminder that water thrown up by layers of corrugated touch her skirt, let’s swing back and forth between seeing her graceful dance.Stems in water-based, over time into lotus; poise leaf level, pumping lever Turui; Hua Xie strong, human medicine.    Clothing, clothes full name, also known clothes.People often “People rely on clothes horse saddle” to describe the importance of dress.Clothes look not only to meet people’s vanity, but also cover the bare human body.As the seasons change, the separation of clothes Bohou.With the continuous improvement of living and the need for the appearance of the clothes will be more prosperous.    Wai, actually refers Cymbidium.Perennial herb, open light yellow-green flowers, very fragrant smell.Rooted in the soil, the seasons do not wilt; leaves open to scent the air.People often “Cymbidium” to describe the beauty of the woman’s heart pure.    Band, word meaning very lucrative.The belt; such as octopus, such as carrying, such as piggybacking, and so as to lead.Many meanings, different faces are word “magician”.It was like “magic” a different interpretation of the text.