Hi paste “on the door” celebration

管理 / 2019-05-09

Joy stick “to the door” celebration Wang Shangtong Rooster sing, celebrate Ding years.Calligraphy lovers Qiju Yu Kun community room, ink brush, free for residents to write couplets.Look at a deputy and red couplets word blessing, against the background of a picture of a happy smiling face, could not help think of childhood in the countryside New Year, Spring Festival couplets written in the past.As a child, every winter, opt for a few of us went to the countryside home with grandma.Festival just finished the Kitchen God, country has quietly kicked off the New Year.Catch the set is essential, in the red set of colored stocking dazzling, buy written on red paper door right, it is necessary repairing the New Year, but also to make one pair of goalkeeper incidentally, make a portrait of the Kitchen.Red paper bought, sir, please write “on the door”, that is the home of the event.Village head of the ancestral hall, the gracefully long long table, I heard the old man was a couplet written monks return to secular life, lean face, long beard fluttering wisp, a clean blue cloth clothes, faint revealing SAGE range of children.Listen to my grandmother say, the old man well written word, there is a culture of water belly child.The old man does not talk too much, his brush writing, penmanship, the heart of God rather quiet, tired polyester net consideration, concentrate, into the state of ecstasy.Large crowd of people are quiet, not noisy, breathless.Because this is a sacred place, the village also write couplets sacred things.Write couplets leftover pieces of red paper cut head, grab the little girl next door a few pick up, I know, the usefulness of those red paper head.After they return home, stack it, flatten, New Year’s face became red smear rouge.Grandma old man wrote a “door to” the Alliance is “Xi food, but unfortunately the clothes, but unfortunately not for Choi margin cherish” Sidongfeidong reading this “door to” low levels of literacy, I asked my grandmother, off paper literacy and Buddhist grandmother, he patted me on the head, said: “is to eat a bowl of light.”Written on the door, Grandma served two eggs, that’s for Mr. fountain pen.How many years have passed, I do not know why, it’s half full, vice Zen “door to” a long time to stay in mind, never forget.”Firecrackers soon as the old year, New Year Spring Festival ten thousand pairs.”Couplets, also known as ‘spring stick’ ‘on the door’, ‘pairs’, originated in ancient China ‘title Spring Festival’ customs.Ancient ancestors for the evil spirits and misfortunes, often to subdue Buffy “Tu”, “Yu Lei,” the statues, painted mahogany cut a good piece, hung on both sides of the door, hoping to ward off evil exorcism, the Spring and Autumn period, hanging mahogany has been widely regarded as the evil thing.The early Eastern Han Dynasty, Cai Lun paper popular in the country, flooding in ghosts, “Tu”, “Yu Lei,” like, please down from the mahogany piece, printed on paper Cai Lun, became a professional goalkeeper affixed to the doors on both sides.Congratulations on New Year replaced mahogany piece of auspicious words, this is the “title Spring Festival”, is the prototype of couplets.According to the “History of the Song Shu family” record: After Shu Wang Mengchang make learning Shi Xin Yin Xun question before the Spring Festival Eve, see also Xinxue Shi text is not smooth, he took the pen to write a “New Year satisfied Yuqing, Changchun Hi Good Day,” two lines characters, which is to be recognized as China’s earliest historical records seen couplets.”Door to” that scrolls, are the main varieties of couplet.Han Chinese language it contains, text features and literary works closely related to dual rhetoric.As two thousand years ago in the Book of Songs “Xiaoya mining micro” there, “I will carry on past, Yang Liu Yiyi, I think today, rain and snow started falling;” in Qu Yuan’s “River of nine chapters” records “Heaven and Earth Come Ebisu with the sun and the moon light Qi Xi.”Since the Han Dynasty, what is known as ‘fu’ style flourished, been widely used dual rhetoric.Close to the prose called “Wen Fu”; close parallel prose called “Fu Pian” Parallel Prose Sylvia sentence dual.To the Tang Dynasty, people have been using the text by heart dual rhetoric, and created a Wu Yan, Seven Poems.The first eight verses each, two called a joint, which thirty-four (neck joint) and fifty-six (neck joint) must be strictly antithesis.The term “couplet” was born from the verses.”Door to” thousands of years and known as crystal gem of Chinese splendid culture, it is the people’s spiritual sentiments, culture and heritage of people loved the show.Red paper, thick ink, soft pen, the word fragrance, just like every year heritage of a ritual, blood will continue for generations to come this Chinese culture.Look Ruxia as fire “door to” paste on both sides of the door, bright red, shiny, Hannaford for the men and women, as millions of households Albert.