Hi peony flower essences of Dongbin

管理 / 2019-05-10

God Hou in Southeast Liu Shan, a place called Lu ditch, according to legend Dongbin this is a religious place.In the past, Lu ditch green grass, Songqing Petrus, landscape gratifying.Lu Tung-pin hole in the soil near living there grew peonies.Every beginning of spring flowers, flowers as big as that plate, bright red, the wind nod.The fragrance of flowers, the village eight miles can smell.Lu Tung-pin favorite pretty peony, often early in the morning to the evening before flowering ornamental.If there is grass under the flower, he carefully pulling the weeds.If the weather is dry, and he came from a distance watering spring bear.In his elaborate cuisine, peony looks good year after year, year after year the flowers bloom bright.Over time, the peony immortal, repair into human form, has become a peerless beauty girl.Peony far away, there are a thousand years old bamboo has become a fine.This fine bamboo lust peony beauty, gave birth to evil, whenever the dead of night, he becomes a swingers whereabouts peony courtship, often abusive tone foul play peony.Yu white peony than the heart, than Bingqing, hate shameless dirty fine bamboo, reject it requires.See that bamboo fine peony would not bite, often to think of Lu Tung-pin weekdays peony weeding watering, peony is considered a crush Dongbin Dongbin was secretly hated to.One morning, Peony Dongbin went to the watering.Bamboo refined before becoming a scholar came to spend, and Lu Tung-pin meet, said: This peony is shining?Lu Tung-pin casually replied: Yes!Peony Pindao favorite because of her beautiful, fragrant scent.Zhu Jing heard to say hi Peony Dongbin three words, they spread everywhere, said Lu Tung-pin dirty shameless, a Sao cents he said he hated opera Peony Peony fine bamboo vicious, smite.She thought: I simply do not know already Xiu Lu Tung-pin Immortality, with no bad heart for me, but suffered such unrighted wrong.When Dongbin went to watering, she became a girl.Lvyou Bin see peony transformed into a beautiful girl surprised, and quickly said: Xiangu enlightenment, congratulations.Peony smiled, Shi a ceremony, said: Thank Daoxiong daily care, but you know I do not know there are some recent gossip?Dongbin said: Pindao not see the mountains, does not enter this world, I do not know what some gossip?The fine bamboo Peony repeatedly molested his own, to spread evil Tourette Dongbin said again.Dongbin a fine bamboo not only say bad things about myself, want to tarnish the chastity Peony Fairy, furious mind, old bamboo sword came to him, and what the old bamboo cut a few cut.Lu Tung-pin cut bamboo fine, feel Renyankewei, can not stay here, they leave peony, I went wandering Quartet.Lu Tung-pin is gone, but the opera Peony Dongbin story has spread in the world, can not be recovered.In fact, Dongbin hi peony, not opera Peony Dongbin.