Cool!Tease who do not take the initiative to lift up these three constellations

管理 / 2019-05-17

We are eager to back the rest only for a person’s love, and true love takes courage.So that a zodiac who are most difficult to tease and tease initiative may only make you cool?  First: Aquarius Aquarius crowd is always so different, to take the initiative to lift up the people, they will not be as silent as most people will be called out directly to you, regardless of your feelings and put you Perak Guala Tucao some.And then some people might not stand on the nature of the bottle fled.They prefer to take the initiative to pursue their own love, so if you like water bottles, do not take the initiative to hold back, you can use some playing hard way, first caught their attention.  Second: Sagittarius like they can take the initiative position in love, do not like passive acceptance.For the initiative to tease them, they just do not want from the heart cherish, even if eventually agreed to the other side, it will not cherish, because the feelings come too easily in their view, they can not cause great concern degree.The more you like to please close, the more they think you are unattractive, naturally not enthusiastic.So baby do not like the shooter’s initiative to lift up, can be appropriate to give some hint, but it must not be easy to pay, let them take the initiative to fight.  Third: Gemini Gemini love has always been there for their own ideas, they know they want what love is, but also know what kind of person they like, so want to love more initiative in their own hands in.For the initiative to lift up themselves, let alone their interest, and do not want to Li Li.Moreover, the great charm of the twin, they are relying on their smart humor captive a lot of people’s goodwill.If you choose not hanging their appetite, try to take the initiative to pick out their own heart, and that is basically hanging out.Because the more people tease them, but they will be farther away.And they really want to close the case, or to find out their preferences it. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source