Fengzhu museum painting of God

管理 / 2019-05-20

Chow miles north of Shaanxi Nanyang place there Yuandang valley, beautiful scenery, is a famous local painter and poet Wen Tong Prefecture frequented play.Taniguchi’s Wenjiaping, there are small famous pub, the treasurer of King surnamed Liu Tong, doing business due to a lack of capital in the chow trouble, only to shift operations here, he sold the South Shaoxing rice wine par Xie authentic wine village.Wen Tong Prefecture favorite drink this wine.On this day, Wen went to the pub Prefecture.Liu treasurer eagerly greeted personally warm good superior pot of rice wine, and end on twenty-two peanuts, a dish of dog fishy grass, a dish of soy lotus root, a dish of pig ear wax juice, also got two hot dishes, nothing more Wen is almost prefect favorite stir-fried bamboo shoots and romantic river carp.Liu Wen Prefecture invited to sit with the treasurer, the treasurer not sit Liu.Prefect said: weekdays, I used to come at you, give you a lot of trouble.Today, my treat to thank, and must not refuse.Liu treasurer flattered, respectful than from life, she sat up.But he knew, sat potty, but the prefect with the seats, their task should mainly be urging people to drink, let the prefect of adults drink delicious good.Wen prefect wine to drink for a while, suddenly said to the shopkeeper Liu: I see you next to the pub to have a pond, but your?Liu treasurer nodded and said: Yes, little people.Wen adults say: I see the pool water clean, lush grass pond, it is a good place to raise fish and shrimp.I’ll give you ten pieces of silver a year, raising some fish, when available, will be fishing.how is it?Liu treasurer said quickly: If adults like this pond, although fish is.So you are promised.Come, let’s settle down now.Wen spoke adults, called the nunnery brought an hundred pence on the table.Liu treasurer busy finding a way: No, no, how to be versus adults.Wen adults push past the money: Do not put off, although we are very familiar with, the rent must be paid, otherwise I is not robbing the plunder?My temper, you know, you do not accept money, I would not take over the pond.I just put speaks, these rents, but also to the banks of the pond that two small rented house, put the Treasury fishing tackle fishing as I do.it is good!it is good!The house is already idle, should never too shabby, is the use of text adults.Liu Wen adults listen to the treasurer said, had to accept the money, but always felt embarrassed, he said: Your honor, I received money, immediately put the keys to you right between the Treasury.OK, OK.Wen Prefecture let nunnery on his behalf received the keys.Liu Wen treasurer for adults and pour a few glasses of wine, he thought, would have wanted a picture prefect adults, prefect of adults in the world can be regarded as the first mile Huazhu.If we can do so, it may graced the shop – but a rare opportunity today.Slowly, several pots of rice wine you’ll feel the village Xie, Wen Tong Xin Jing shake, hand, foot and fluttering, very excited.So Liu treasurer seeking Pianxiang prefect opening draw cord bamboo, prefect actually a promised.Liu treasurer quickly laying out the paper grinding the ink, the paper with the catch pen ponder: bamboo painting sawed children do?Suddenly, Wen Tong ears one kind of thin, quiet melodious tone intermittent.Liu Wen Tong treasurer hurriedly asked what sound.Treasurer told him that it was called the valley there was a noise issue Fengzhu bamboo in the wind.Wen listening Prefecture, Fu Zhang laughed, Lianhan: With, with!Liu treasurer said: I let you write a couplet, you give it Huazhu.So Prefecture brush.When the crowd and saw on rice paper, flying snakes go Long: Feng Zhu Mingfeng have Fenglaiyi, pour wine drinkers Zhuojiu Shengxian.Yeah!Miao United!Everyone was full of praise.Wen Tong and Liu treasurer said, I see you this simply a judge Fengzhu yellow tavern museum, and I have simply to give you a picture of it a few pole Fengzhu!Store manager heard many thanks.Wen was about to put pen to paper with ink Baozhan, an extensive wine throat, Wen Tong vote pen, and hurried out of the house, in the yard wow bang spit.Then Wen Tong feel some dizzy head, said little to take a break and then draw.Happens this time, a runner came in a hurry, please Prefecture, the government says there are events waiting for him back treatment.Wen said the prefect had to stand up to Liu treasurer: I’m sorry, I go first, come back another day to paint.Quickly with the men walk away.Two days later, the prefect and we sent two or three people to the pond to clean up a lot, put in a fry, then leave one full-time care management pond.But, because the government is too busy text prefect, but few come.Prefect help manage fish pond is an old man, sometimes to the tavern to drink during the day, but every night he always stayed across the pond rarely out of the house.Everyone said he was a weirdo behind, so he did not pay attention to who.It’s strange to say, leave the text prefect sixth day Fengzhu Museum, spit in the text prefect place came out with a bamboo trees.A few days will not slim, such as shade cover up.Breeze, rustling sound as wear ring, such as Ming Fung Luan.It took another ten days, Liu treasurer, salesman and consumption of drinkers to the hotel, we have found a miracle: It may be sun rises, the sun will be printed on a bamboo courtyard on the west side of the expanse, so, whenever at night when the full moon rise to half a day, moonlight reflected in the top of the bamboo yard expanse west.And month Idylls shift, wind shadow moving, the bamboo diagram on very clear expanse good a vivid “Fengzhu map”.As long as it does not rain, except for winding lower chord, almost every night, will appear this strange sight.Before a noon, as the store manager has not been prefect of ink painting and feel pity, but now they get a living “Fengzhu map”, really surprised, satisfied!But, we all do not understand why there is such a spectacle.Some people would say, prefect of the text may be Wenquxing heaven, he often come here to drink, touched Bacchus, this spectacle did not appear in the scene.This one to ten, hundred, ocean floor and the adjacent state of Xingyuan House who came to see strange.In addition, visitors must stay in the city, two or three times witnessed this spectacle.For a time, the village Valley and Yuandang Taniguchi, son, young lady, businessmen, officials, duet, juggler, men and women of visitors, especially Fengzhu museum, drinkers overcrowded, Nisshin one thousand money.Liu treasurer Fengzhu Museum laugh, smart, he will take advantage of seasonal and timely expansion of the scale of the pub, the establishment of brewing workshop, myself stepped song, please helper system fermented grains, day and night brewed rice wine.The hotel business is booming, often just lead to the wine, it is too late to sell the store.Fengzhu Museum treasurer pockets bulging, put rice wine stores and restaurants, but also open to the ocean state town ten miles away, another wine store will be open to the origin Xie village streets of this wine, so Xie village rice wine back to her family.Liu treasurer of the business and restored to its former momentum, even more than in the past financial.Liu treasurer is a smart guy, he knows it all, in the final analysis prefect came to drink and text created by the miracle and wealth.So he prepared a gift, thanks to the text-to-door adult.When Liu treasurer of his mind to the text of the prefect, beard text prefect ask Mozhuoxiaba, laughed and said: Well!All I want is you back to the restaurant to re-open the city to the state.In order to recover your money, I can really elaborate plans.Liu treasurer heard this, hurriedly asked: what is intended for adults remark?Wen adults say: Do you want to know Fengzhu museum wall painting of God the truth?Liu treasurer said quickly: think, of course, thought.This is one of my heart it.it is good.Now that your strength has been restored, is not afraid leak secret.Come, the king Everlasting elderly out.Wen prefect heard the call, and soon was asked to come out of a more than 50-year-old old man.Prefect text refers to a man said to Liu dispensers: You may know him yet?Liu treasurer said: Yeah of course know, this is not a long-term fish pond for adults you see it’s big brother the king?Yes, he was watching the pond, but do not just look at the pond.Wen mysterious smile, said some adults.Liu treasurer eyeful doubt: That, that he was doing the?Gansha?I, hey!Wen adult right.I do not see the pond, it is to perform another task.In fact, God bamboo painting on your pub yard expanse, six months to arrange text in accordance with all my adult artificially created, because I used to be in charge of special classes shadow light projection Wang old man took the words.You made?This is what this Editor’s Note?Liu treasurer more surprising.You listen to me slowly to the king of the old man spoke the truth.Liu Yang chow treasurer previously opened a lot of pub Joy Tsin Lau, business is good, a lot of money.He was a good businessman, did not forget this rich, often contribute to the state government, with Zhouguan bureaucratic irrigation, schools and bridges, cultural and therefore very familiar adults.Liu Wen adults also grateful to the treasurer of love and support for him this state official, would like to reward him with a special form at the right time.However, last fall due to the shopkeeper Liu was twelve years old little boy playing with fire, fire accidentally fell into the pyre, the wind blows at night, the restaurant on fire, burned not only to this restaurant, also burned shopkeeper Liu wife and little boy.Fortunately, Liu was treasurer from home, only escaped unharmed.Liu treasurer suffered heavy losses, had to be moved back to his hometown pub Wenjiaping, opened a small business Fengzhu Museum.Drinkers here, equal to Xie Village Street pub, business is good, compared with their previous business, the difference is really.Wen prefect to each Yuandang Valley, naturally patronize this pub.First, he drank this wine tavern addiction, two would also like to take care of business Liu treasurer, to help him revive the career.It may be how to get rich quick comeback Liu treasurer it?How to let him recover as quickly as possible restaurant business chow, convenient city people, active ocean state wine diet it?Wen prefect think, ah think, finally came up with a trick, went Fengzhu hall rented Liu treasurer of ponds and pond banks of the room, then came back to draw a good three paintings, the old man to see the king Everlasting pond fish in the name of the house every night at the banks of the pond, the painting is like the Fengzhu as shadow play, get on the gauze, then both sides of a large mirror, adjusted the angle, put the bamboo curtain painted on the window to shine from the pond on the opposite expanse.Because the door across the expanse of a pond, pond and some trees and bamboo, it is not convenient to live near the old man’s house, will cover everyone’s attention, others will not easily find the secret.Wang has combined the old man is highly skilled projector division, he wonders manufacture some way, so they created a marvelous miracle, attracted around people visit, Liu treasurer to create unlimited business opportunities.As for the local paper prefect vomit trees bamboo shoots emerge, it is the role of rice wine, rice wine, wine Nie because there are eighteen kinds of herbs sinews and bones, to promote the efficacy of the soil loose and fertile piece of land up, originally underground Zhugen, met again wet the wine, equal to drizzle down the field, it gives birth to a lush bamboo shoots.what?So that!No wonder Wang Wen brother has an adult, it is tough you, thank you for your good intentions!I am not wrong, you are really our parent-ah!Liu treasurer know the truth, a kneel on the ground, tears welled up eyes to recommend the latest information sauna