Kevin Garnett is what constellation?

管理 / 2019-05-22

Kevin Garnett is what constellation?On the court, he’s always chilling roar.Even a simple ceremony appearance, tall stature and slightly fierce expression are awe-inspiring.Take a look at the small series together with Kevin Garnett constellation explain it!  Kevin Garnett (Garnett), May 19, 1976 was born in South Carolina, former American professional basketball player, the functional power forward / center, nicknamed Garnett (Timberwolves period), KG (initials), large TICKET, older children.Mid-1995 draft pick Kevin Garnett in the first round fifth overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves selected, 2003-04 season, regular season MVP.2007 summer transfer to the Boston Celtics, and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce together form the “Big Three Celtics’ 2008 NBA Finals to beat the Lakers won the NBA championship.In 2013, Garnett was traded to the Brooklyn Nets.Mid-2015 to return to the Minnesota Timberwolves.September 24, 2016, Kevin Garnett posted a video on Instagram announced his retirement.[1] Kevin Garnett field technology is extremely comprehensive, passing superior, highly defensive deterrent, has won four NBA in rebounding, is one of the greatest power forward.  2016 Taurus will not go through the 2015 Venus retrograde.Strong your ruler Venus strength throughout the year.The beginning of time, Venus will enter Taurus between April 29 to May 24.Mercury will be retrograde during this time, leading to changes in your willingness to buy and return, the small ticket good income, so when you need to find it immediately.While Mercury is retrograde, you can also buy some good things, do not hesitate.When the second half, August 27 Jupiter and Venus rendezvous, it is consulting hairstylist, buy new season clothes, dress up time update.Do not hesitate to buy buy buy! Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source