Things will become the new normal airport

管理 / 2018-04-20

It AviationPros reported that soon will become the new norm of the major airports。
Ground services, security, monitoring the runway, baggage and airport property, etc. These services will be the re-shaping of Things。
Briefly, all things is implantable sensor devices are connected together to form a network, and the role of these sensors is used to collect and exchange information。 For the smart airport, the timeliness of the information can be said is crucial。 This information can be pushed to the steady flow of visitors, helping travelers plan your trip, but also can help operations, airlines and retail stores more efficient operation。 Let's take a look at a few examples。
Aircraft health monitoring of aircraft maintenance and repair operations are usually arranged in intermittent time, and this will cause some downtime and loss of transport and energy。
But imagine if the plane under the access of things, then the smart sensor aircraft systems can be anywhere on the aircraft for remote monitoring and maintenance, and only when necessary。
Things delayed by this way can significantly reduce flight because of maintenance and repair caused, thereby improving the operating efficiency of flights。
Aircraft engine service life can therefore be extended。
For travelers, when the aircraft needs to be repaired, will automatically receive a push notification on their mobile device, such an action would improve transparency and reduce the waiting time。
Regardless of start-ups or baggage tracking Samsonite such well-known international brands, they are invariably in the order of things as the core research and development of smart bags。 From small to large hand luggage suitcase, and now all kinds of bags have gradually realized the GPS positioning function, fingerprint to unlock, weight and distance sensors and other monitoring。 Airline same outdone, the progressive realization of the process signal interconnection baggage。
This allows the airlines to push passenger baggage from the baggage delivery information and place at which extraction。 In fact, SITA (SITA) predicts that by 2018, nearly half of the airport baggage will push relevant information to travelers via the Internet of Things sensor。
Baggage process has always been the black hole of information, things can greatly improve the confidence of the shipping services of the airport。
Anonymous location information source and location-based services collected from mobile phones and other devices so that airport operations team can more precisely analyze the traffic, and then adjust the operational processes At its peak, the more smooth airport operations。
For travelers, they can also get a lot of useful information push, including queuing time, etc. in security and other waiting areas, so they can avoid congestion occurs。 With these benefits, proximity sensor, this technology is expected to have a huge impact on airport operations。
Sources and their positioning will also play an important role in the smart airport。
With this technology, visitors can receive the real-time alerts, such as messages reach the airport greeting, the terminal is expected to walk to the boarding gate time, shopping guides and airport baggage reminders, and more。
In such an attention to customer service in the industry, these new technologies will change the direction of building a world-class airport from nature。 Things can really bring a lot of convenient place, but to achieve all this, we must first strengthen the construction of airport Wi-Fi, efficient and seamless connection between the wireless network is the cornerstone of different devices。 A combination of mobile phone networks and wireless networks can provide an ideal foundation for the arrival of the Internet of Things, before starting any new things planned, network conditions should be carefully checked。 Things have started to build the airport more efficient and more intelligent, your airport ready to join yet?。