After the derailment does not recognize the constellation of men

管理 / 2019-06-03

Men always pledged that absolute loyalty to love, will not do things that hurt you, it is because when they derailed, caught stealing, they will never admit.After the derailment does not recognize the constellation men to know about it.  Taurus men because it is family-oriented reasons, first of all it is not easy to make a Taurus man escapades, and secondly Taurus male careful thought, if derailment is difficult to find, and finally found a little Taurus men were to be derailed, killing them It will not admit.Their reason is simple just: family-oriented.  Male lion macho male lion was caught too proud derailed, it will be because I felt ashamed, so that will not admit killing.Your photo is shot out in front of him, he would say only accompany customers to eat it, but also in turn blame you paranoid do not trust him.  The reason archer men bother to bring a ghost shooter does not recognize the men derailment may be different requirements for men and women derailment standards.In the eyes of some of the girls in an intimate manner, the evidence is ambiguous interaction derailment properly properly, but careless Sagittarius men for this is only the intimate relationship between performance, nothing to do with the derailment.  Aquarius Aquarius male desire and male who have mental resonance, which makes them even if the object is already seeing the situation, if we encounter fit the spirit of the opposite sex, they will fall into.But when you find a bottle male confrontation, they are absolutely not recognized, they can not think how to do deviant things considered derailment?But this behavior is actually the spirit of the derailment. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source