After the derailment but also will forgive constellation lovers

管理 / 2019-06-04

After the derailment but also will forgive constellation lovers, derailed a betrayal of two feelings, yet they still choose to forgive lovers, love is too heavy or too open mind, with a look!  Cancer Cancer is really too easy relented, was a negative Ungrateful people themselves sad rub the whole pack of paper towels, determined to work hard to make good decisions, in the end a meeting could not bear his first start, look through a cry and cry some spineless manner want to forgive, the results continue to be slag, say Cancer really really need to have girlfriends, accompanied by, so do not waver firm Cancer.  For Pisces really love regardless of anything else, and even when a disk access Green Man is a do not care, as long as the lover still at his side like, Pisces principle of love is not love, love can forgive anything as long as this probably deep love crazy child can do out of it.  Libra Libra belong just out of sight, the will may be able to endure, lovers derailed still choose together for many reasons, there are others also have their own views of the heart make life difficult for the Hom, but Libra himself will never again be the same as before after pardon , loyal in love, but will be derailed, and the face and the heart does not maintain this long-dead love. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source